Sometimes I post daft messages


Thank you for your kindness and patience. I really appreciate the help you have given in answering my more serious posts. The last post didn't quite come out right. It seemed trivial for me to be asking about what you can and can't  wear when my other posts were very serious so I was trying to make a joke of it.!

I had read that you have to be careful with straps and pressure on the site, so didn't know what type of bra is best. Also I had read about one man who seemed depressed about the lump showing through his shirt. I really felt for him.

So I thought if I wore 2 T shirts, like that fashion, that would solve the problem. I was really looking for solutions rather than seeing obstacles.

I know about keeping out of the sun. I live in the UK, so that's one less thing to worry about!  (The tattoo thing was just me being flippant.)

 I'm gradually getting my head round things!

Best regards







by Gemita - 2020-07-21 16:22:46

Don't worry about testing my patience, you are a breath of fresh air for me today!! 

It is sad that some of us are preoccupied with our appearance following a pacemaker implant although I can understand this.  I am not so concerned about how I look on the outside.  It is how I feel on the "inside" that really counts and no amount of covering up externally will help me to feel better on the inside, if I feel poorly.  My pacemaker has helped me to feel better on the inside so I now have a chance of improving my external appearance too, that is the way I see it.  But you sound as though you are well enough without any pacemaker support Izzy.  What a lovely position to be in.

I do not believe we need to be overly concerned about our bra straps damaging our devices once the wound has healed.  It is more about protecting the wound until it has fully healed and not opening up the incision which could then be an entry point for any infection.

I think you will be just fine with a pacemaker and you will proudly show it off to all your friends


by Tracey_E - 2020-07-21 21:22:51

It's very rare to have problems touching it once it heals. Most discussion you've seen about pads, etc, is just for the first weeks. 

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