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This is a great site. I am so grateful for the comments as I had no idea how to get info before from people with first hand experience. I have now been told I have AV type 2, stage 2 block, if that helps. (Sounds like an exam cert!). I haven't any symptoms. I had my pulse taken for something else and was found to have a slow heart rate and eventually had an appointment for an ECG. I don't think they expected to find anything. Obviously, I am one of the lucky ones. I just wish I could carry on as I am. Now I have read the comments I understand more.

My next questions are for the ladies out there please. These questions are a bit trivial but you'll know the answers, so bear with me.Is it possible to hide the lump under a (high neck) T-shirt? ( I don't really want it to be centre stage.) Would 2 T shirts do it?   If I ever wear beach wear again, what about a stick on tattoo? Is it strapless, non wired bras for evermore? Would I look better with a facelift? (Sorry already know the answer to the last one.)

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by Gemita - 2020-07-21 14:26:54

There won't be a sizeable lump to hide under a T-shirt, so no need for two T-shirts and of course you can wear beach wear again as soon as your wound has healed. You don't want to go out into the scorcing sun with a new wound in any event. 

Why worry about a possible little bulge initially and certainly don't cover it with a stick on tatoo because you will only draw attention to it even more when they approach you to inspect your new design.  More importantly, try to keep your device free from adhesives and anything that might cause skin irritation especially while you are still healing.  Of course you can wear whatever bra you want but you may want to wait a couple of months for your pacemaker to settle in first.  Maybe plan the pacemaker implant for early autumn when you are more likely to be covered up or feel more comfortable covering yourself and by next summer you won't have a problem at all.

My bra straps don't cause any irritation and never have, although I placed a small pad over my device under my bra strap for the first 6 weeks to protect my wound.  You will find that the bra strap partly covers the pacemaker device in any event and you might be able to find wider bra strap tops which will do an even better job.  Go into a sports shop and see what you can find or ask for a bra fitting service to find the best design for you.  Go to John Lewis if you have a store nearby.  They are so patient with me and always find something comfortable and appropriate.

No one is forcing you to have a pacemaker.  You are in a very good position and under no immediate pressure to decide until you feel ready. 

lumps and scars

by Tracey_E - 2020-07-21 21:21:29

Go look in the gallery, I posted a picture of myself in a little spaghetti strap tank. Bet you can't find my pacer in the picture. I wear what I want, nothing is uncomfortable, I'm not at all self-conscious about it. My bra doesn't touch it so it doesn't affect bra shopping. The edge of my scar shows with some sleeveless tops but I don't care. It's inconspicuous and flat and even people who know I have the pacer don't notice it.

Have you actually seen a pacer? They are probably a whole lot smaller than you are picturing. ICD's are larger but pacers are pretty darned small. And you can discuss placement with your surgeon. It's not hard to put it a little lower and a little deeper than usual so it's more hidden. They can also put it under the pectoral. It doesn't have to be right under the collarbone. 

I wore tanks with the built in shelf bra until I healed enough to wear a regular bra. And wear a button down top to the hospital, you won't want to be pulling anything over your head the first few days. 

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