PMs and CPAP Machines

I have used a pacemaker for eleven years and a Constant Positive Airway Passage machine for Sleep Apea. I recently received a new machine which used small but powerful magnets to secure the head gear. I occasionally pull the mask off in my sleep and am concerned that these magnets might affect my pm. Any comments? 

G. E. Willey




Don't worry

by crustyg - 2020-07-21 08:12:36

Yes, the magnets for the head gear for CPAP are powerful, but unless, when you take your kit off during the night, you leave a magnet *directly* over your PM it won't be a problem.

I sympathise: I had a trial of CPAP last July, and found that I was taking the kit off during the night once or twice a week.  It made a *big* difference to me getting to sleep (when my upper airway tends to close), but didn't affect my daytime sleepiness, which was a shame.  Interestingly my PM still records a significant number of apnea events during the night (my model monitors my breathing and records these events), but it's not the root cause of my problems.

Best wishes.

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