3 beeps heard?

Had to have a icd procedure on July 2nd 2020. It has been slow healing. My question is this. I have a saint Jude model cd2411-36q. I thought I may have heard. 3 slow beeps. Nothing else. I was told these icds do not make sounds just vibration. I go back to doctor on Aug 11th for first reading. Is there someone on here who may have this pacer with info about sounds? Thank you and Godbless


Web search?

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-20 22:00:55

Some of this information is on the web, some seems to be closely held by the manufacturers.  These sounds/vibrations are also programmable, so your EP can set them as warnings for your particular needs.  Here is one site with some information, but not for Abbot devices it seems.


A little more time searching will probably find a lot more information.  Your EP should be able to decode this in seconds.  If I heard something like this I'd send them a remote transmission, then show up on their doorstep the next morning demanding answers.  ;-)


by CMH22567 - 2020-07-23 09:06:41

Check that the fridge door is not open. 

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