Pad for Backpack Straps

Has anyone found a good solution for padding a backpack strap over their PM? I packed my son around in a carrier for 30-40 minutes and it wasn't uncomfortable, but I don't know how it would feel after multiple hours. I also just want to protect my device a little more. Thanks!


Backpack straps

by ar_vin - 2020-07-09 13:14:52

Hopefully you'll get some good advice about padding to make wearing a pack comfortable.

When I was researching options before my implant, I was fortunate to come across a couple of posts about sub-pectoral placement. I requested my EP for sub-pectoral placement and he agreed to do it. The recovery was probably a bit longer but I'm glad I did.

I backpack and hike often and have now carrried packs up to almost 50 lbs with no discomfort. I've done more than a couple of multi-day backpacking trips and dozens of day hikes and can't recall feeling any soreness at the implant site.


PM pads

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-09 13:38:20

Don't worry about the device. It's made out of titanium. A little backpack isn't going to hurt it. Your shoulder may be quite uncomfortable, however. You could try one of the pacemaker shields advertised on this site. I no nothing of them but it may be worth a try.


by Tracey_E - 2020-07-09 14:30:37

I've seen the protective shirts in person. They're meant more for contact sports and I don't believe they would be comfortable with constant pressure. Once you fully heal, you might find you don't need anything. Short term maybe rig something up with a folded up washcloth or piece of padding. You won't hurt the pacer so if it's not uncomfortable, it's ok to not do anything. 

Shoulder strap padding

by Mike417 - 2020-07-10 15:18:23

Auato parts stores have pads that attach to seat belts with velcro, and are ideal for packs.  I used them pre-PM days.  They are very durable.It works very well, and is neat and tidy.


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