fatigue issues

Hi all....any advice most valuable please..?

Had my 3 lead pacemaker tweeked recently to suit my increase in rate response required at higher alpine elevations.This has made a hugh difference to my training plan and I was able to dig deeper when required.

I have been working out real well and snowshoeing through deep snow regularly for long periods.

I have just led a 5 day alpine skiils course that has left me feeling very depleted energy wise and suffering fatigue. Any further recovery advice from anyone apart from rest, sleep and good food..?

Or did I simply justover do it..?

Thnks Dave


Not enough data for sensible feedback

by crustyg - 2020-07-06 08:28:14

Where to start!  You have a three-lead setup, which implies cardiac resync therapy, so you've had a reduced %LVEF in the past (hopefully improving now).  You don't say how high you were, what acclimatisation you went through, what height you've come back to etc.

My guess is that you've overdone it *and* you're suffering the early stages of mountain sickness.  And mountain sickness is variable and can affect you when you've worked hard at the same altitude before.  I've skiied (alpine) at 3600m without problems but suffered a headache all the time in Peru above 3000m, despite taking several days to get that high.  And walking around some of the passes at >4000m was a very sedate affair for me.  I couldn't imagine trying to snowshoe or run at that altitude.

I suspect that you're already doing what's needed.

Best wishes.


fatigue issues

by blowhard - 2020-07-06 17:57:49

Thankyou for your feedback...its not altitude related as I know the issues there having been to 6000metres twice. Its more the post exercise fatigue and different ways of recovery I am interested in...rest of course is number one.I do have low ejection fraction 35% but that hasnt hindered me much at all for some reason. I am coming to the conclusion that I probably pushed to hard and am paying the price.

It's 100 degrees here today...

by Protimenow - 2020-07-06 22:13:25

I started reading your message about altitude, skiiing, and other snow sports. I had to take another look at the day that you wrote this. 

It's 100 degrees where I live today. 

I know that there are many parts of the world where it's winter, and many others where there's always snow -- but it still took me a while to wrap my head around it. 

FWIW - my first guess is that you may have overdone things. It's a lot better than imagining something worse...

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