having problems with newly installed dual chamber Biotronik Edora pacer

i am new to this group and just had my pacer installed thursday July 2nd. I thought everything was ok but a few times during recovery i felt this weird rumbling feeling, i told the doctor and staff about it but they said it was probably normal and was making adjustments... so i went with that, i got released and home friday and contunued to experience the weird feeling events, so on saturday i created a log and started recording when i had the event and low and behold it quickly became obvious there was a very clear pattern, the events were occurring exactly 3 hours apart and always lasted 1 minute in duration. 3:19am, 6:19am, 9:19am, 12:19pm, 3:19pm, 6:19pm and so on... the feeling i can only describe as when you accidently hold onto an electrical wire, but less intense... i can feel it happening and while there is no pain,  i feel like coughing,,,, i started to use the stopwatch on my phone and its almost exactly 1 minute long then just goes away and everything is fine again until the next 3 hrs is up.... i am now taking meaures to prepare for it as i know exactly when it will happen and as a result i am experncing anxiety,,,, the doctor said not to worry about it and call monday to make an appointment with him on tuesday and he said he can have a Boitronik tecnician there and he can test it... i think thats great,  i want them to see whats going on and i hope to god it can be a setting or reprogrammming issue as opposed to a defective device... but i dont know if i can handle mentally waiting until tuesday as right now as i type it is sunday at 7pm... i dont think they really understand the discomfort or that this is a real problem i am experencing.... i know its a longshot but if anyone else has had or heard of any such thing, would be great to hear from you. I know one way or another we will figure this out, but just kind of feeling hopeless with this happening over a holiday weekend and no offices open.... wish me luck!!!


The hardest thing

by Theknotguy - 2020-07-05 21:07:39

The hardest thing is the waiting.  The fact that you've taken notes will enable the tech to help.  The fact that you are alive to complain about it means it probably isn't dangerous.  

Worst case scenario is the tech won't be able to help.  I have had my pacemaker for six years, changed some of my activities and my pacemaker wasn't able to keep up with me.  I alerted my EP and after several tests and one adjustment by the tech, the pacemaker still wasn't keeping up.  The EP asked a manufacturer's rep for my pacemaker (Medtronic) to stop in the office and take a look.  

The mfgr rep brought up some screens on the pacemaker reader I had never seen and asked me some questions I really didn't know how to answer.  He quizzed me as to when I had had problems and pulled up the exact day and hour I had had my problem.  Then proceeded to make adjustments that would help.  Point being, there are levels of techs and some are more experienced and knowledgeable than others.  If you don't get help with one, another may help.  

Another thing is that right after I got my pacemaker, they had increased the voltage.  At first I could feel the tickle of the electrical pulse followed by the heavy thump of my heartbeat.  That lasted until they dropped the voltage at a regular checkup.  Another question in my mind is if you have a similar problem.  It's a question to ask the tech when you see him.  

I hope they can identify your problem quickly and get it fixed.  Otherwise I hope the adjustment to your pacemaker goes well.  


by AgentX86 - 2020-07-05 22:40:54

If it's happening at very regular intervals, as you say, it's probably something obvious, like a self-test with a goofy setting.  Your doctor is unlikely able to do anything but pass you off to the device tech.  Maybe you can bypass the doctor and see the tech tomorrow?

It's probably an unusual setup but I have the device tech's business card and can call at any time (work hours) and set up an appointent directly with her.  I've been able to get in the next day if I'm willing to travel (she rotates between three or four offices in the cardiologist's group.  It's the same deal with my cardiologist but I have to go through the gatekeeper.

another night

by wambajamba - 2020-07-06 07:55:11

well i made it through another night, was not fun.. events still happening every 3 hrs like clockwork.. they last about 1 min and i am trying to just accept them, but its hard as they make me feel very uncomfortable, its like the electrical circuits go haywire for 1 min then it just stops... and i wait 3 more hours to do it again...i like the idea from Zap about trying to see the pacer tech rep today, i am going to try like mad to see if i can... as this is so new to me i dont know who this rep is yet, i have never met a tech or had any adjustements. i am optomistic they can help and Theknotguy is right, and so was Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part...here's hoping for a solution today.... thanks all for your comments...

all good

by wambajamba - 2020-07-18 11:09:37

Just following up for anyone who was reading or reacting to my post. When I called the office first thing Monday after i wrote my last post (7/6) they said they could see me at noon with the tech rep. I got to the office at noon and they said the tech was running late and would not be there until about 12:35. The thing is I had been getting my 3hr recurring events at about that time and sure enough I went through an event in the office. About 2 minutes later the tech showed up and i went into a room where he moved a wand over my PM site and (I think) registered his carry-case device to my PM. He then asked me what was going on and showed me his screen of readings. He said he had not heard of anything like what i was describing before and assured me my pacer was working with 100% confidence. I pleaded with him that i was having these recurring issues and to be honest, he didnt believe me. He didnt say that directly but I could tell. Then I was taken back and amazed that he became argumentive with me and said things like "I have been working with this for 30 years and I have never heard of such a thing" and then said "what happens when i turn it off without you knowing and you still have one of your events, then what are you going to do?" and I said "If you turn it off I wont have an event" and the whole visit became weird and I was just flabbergasted that I was sitting in a chair and this guy not only thought i was making the whole thing up like some crazy person, but was being agrumentive with me. I told him that I could not believe he was aguring with me. Anyway, he said there was nothing he could do and that he knows 100% there abslutely nothing wrong. I was stunned, and scared becuase now what was I going to do. If they did not see the problem I was experencing how could it be fixed. After the tech left the resident doctor (remember i went in ahead of being able to see my assigmed cardialogist) came in and said, " we can give you some medicine to take care of your issues", I said "what? that makes no sense, what is happening to me is on a very specific time interval and it must be something equipment or progrmming issue with the device". I told them I would have another event in 3hrs at 3:30 but they were not able to keep me that long so we did agree to a 24hr halter monitor. I got the monitor and went home. At 6:30 I prepared for the next event, then 6:30 came and went, no event.... wow, I told my wife, i think that tech is playing with me, i think he turned it off like he was saying. I was like OK, I;ll play his game and i kept track 6:30 no event. then +3hr and 9:30pm and again, nothing happened, then nothing has happened since. The problem dissapeared and its 7/18 now and its still working. I did get to see my cardioligist last week for a follow up and he said my insert site is healing nicely that i can start back on some activities and that everything looks good on the data my Biotronic PM sends nightly. So to make a long story a wee bit longer, my problem is gone. Whatever that tech did, knowingly or not, he resolved the issue. And yes, part of me thinks that he DID see something weird and fixed it but didnt say anything becuse it could make him, or his company look bad. I dont know and will probably never know the real story, but I dont like to look back, I like to look forward and all i know is, everything is now working great!!! a happy ending for me!!!

thanks everyone who replied and thank you pacer club for being a resource for me, I will not hesitate to reach out to you all in the future and maybe one day be able to help someone else with this experience we all have.... enjoy the day!! peace and love... Chuck

Happy for the outcome, but...

by Aztraildude - 2020-07-21 19:40:24

Glad the problem was resolved, but I'd be a little concerned about the responjse of the Biotronic tech. Have you considered sharing this a little higher up the food chain at Biotronic? I think a link to this thread might be of interest to any company wanting to maintain a good reputation -- but I only joined the pacer community a week ago.


thank you

by wambajamba - 2020-07-21 21:44:05

i am also new to the club and with 'pacing', mine installed 7/2... and it was the first time with the tech... but thanks for the comments, i did mention to my doctor, and if i see him again and he is a a$$ like he was last time, no doubt i will say something, but dont want to get the person who is in control of my device too pissed off if you know what i mean, i am willing to give him a second chance.....

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