Problems with pain and pulsating after pacemaker install

My daughter pointed me to this site after doing a little research to help me with a problem that i have been having since the installation of a pacemaker. After wearing a heart monitor my Dr. contacted me and indicated that I needed a pacemaker.  I had regulalrly missed heart beats and he said that the results were definite and without the pacemaker I was at risk of passing out. I had the pacemaker installed about two weeks ago, and everything seemed to be ok. After one week, I experienced extremely sharp pains in the area just under my left rib cage at the point where it intersects with my chest. After several hours I went to the emergency room and they did a number of tests including chest x-rays, blood tests, ct scan, echo. They did confer with my Dr via phone while I was there and in  the end they ruled out a heart attack, and "anything life threatening," and sent me home with instructions to see my Dr.   The pain had subsided. They   did not offer any explanations for the sharp pains. The following day I began to feel palpitations in the same location where I had felt the pain. These palpitations were irregular at first and eventually began to be fairly constant, matching my heart beat. They also became much stronger and were visible through my shirt. Over the next day or two the sharp pains resumed accompanied by the palpitations. The pain is periodic as is the intensity of the palpitations, which are constant. Everything seems to be focused on the same specific spot under my rib cage, although I do have  occasional pain in my back.  I have tried to get an appointment with my Dr but he is on vacation and the soonest I can see him is July 11. I do not want to go back to the emergency room and go through all of the same routine with no answers or treatment recommendations. I am curious to know if anyone had similar experiences and has any suggestions. Going to be tough to ride this out until July 11. 


Pain after PM install

by Sisterwash65 - 2020-07-04 15:47:23

i can imagine how frustrating  this must be for you, not to mention painful !

I’ m not sure if this is possible but . Is your cardiologist in a practice with any others ? If so, it seems one of the doctors in his practice would be taking his calls if he’s on vacation. 

I was told by my doctor when I was discharged on a Friday that if I had any problems over the weekend to call the hospital switchboard and ask them to Page his partner.

Just a thought...Hoping you can some relief soon.

Thank you

by pmeyers - 2020-07-04 21:00:24

Thank you for your thoughts Sisterwash65. For some reason doing better today, same symptoms less pain. Live in a small town and almost impossible to see anyone before 2-3 weeks. My cardiologist is a good man but his office staff is not very patient centered, more like a gatekeeper than a facilitator.  Makes it difficult to get an appointment. Hopefully things will level off for a while and enable me to get through the week, and then get some answers on the 11th.  

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