I have an ejection fraction of 20%. I am on meds to try and increase. I am a canidate for a bi--ventricular pacer after 3 months of meds if they fail. Does anyone know how I can get some info on the best make and model.The companys just issue some general information. I probably will get only one shot at this and would like to make the best decision possible. i am wearing a life vest at present and trying to live as normal as possible


Selecting a Pacemaker

by ted - 2007-04-28 10:04:09

You are wise to be asking questions about which is the best pacemaker for your condition. But..chosing a pacemaker is not like buying a car, or a TV, or a cellphone. I don't think that you can learn very much from the brochures or advertisements or web sites of the various manufacturers. These companies exist to make money. I has been suggested that they are not beyond having their salespeople flirt with or seduce doctors or give gifts or other favors in return for doctors using their brand of pacer. Let's take Guidant, for example. This company knew for three years that some of it's units were defective. Nevertheless it hid the truth from the FDA and did not tell our doctors about the defects. As a result, our unsuspecting doctors implanted defective pacemakers and ICD's into me and many others, putting profits ahead of human life. Some stupid or greedy doctors are still implanting recalled model Guidant products to this day. My suggestion to you is that you get several opinions from doctors you trust because what is the right pacer for me might not be the right pacer for you. If any doctor wants to give you a Guidant, get out of his or her office as fast as you can. Good luck to you. Please keep us posted regarding your efforts to find what is best for you. Ted

Guidant ?

by Suze - 2007-04-29 08:04:54

Didn't Guidant change their name? I thought I read about that on this forum.


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