FU airline mechanic with ICD

  • by JWC
  • 2007-05-18 10:05:26
  • ICDs

This is followup from previous posting... from aircraft mechanic with major US airline. My concerns are related to the magnetic fields and others from the engine and apu etc as I work directly on these running and not runninig.The airline has recentluy approved a company to come into the work area to meaure the fields so that it can be determined if i can return to work or not. I believe this is the first time this would have ever been done. Risk management and legal are involved as I think they have concerns with a aircraft mechanic with a ICD standing on a wing of a plane or around a running engine if it would decide to fire. Will let you know the findings and that may be this month. JWC


Very COOL !!!!

by queen_beez - 2007-05-18 02:05:37

I am so happy that you have taken on new territory. I would be very interested to know the findings as my husband is a pilot and I at times go down on the jetway to visit him. I am simply in awe that someone has taken an interest in this ,even if its to protect their backs , it is still for your and others benefit. Good luck and I hope all works to your advantage.

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