ICD and Jet engines/Flying

  • by JWC
  • 2007-04-27 06:04:03
  • ICDs

My husband , Major airline jet engine mechanic just received his ICD 8 weeks ago. He cannot return to work as the airline does not know what the magnetic fields/electrical fields are in and around running aircraft. Medtronics nor the physicians have no exp and no research related to the hazards of airline work and ICD/Pacemakers.Just running cars and arc welders as if that is what everyICD patient does for a living. The airline has been asked to hire an enviromental eng to complete the testing.
Anyone seen any literature on aircraft mechanics and ICD. and magnetic fields levels from runnng engines.


just a thought

by queen_beez - 2007-04-27 11:04:35

My husband is a pilot and he was telling me that as a mechanic when would your husband be working on such equipment when the engine is on ? If not ,than there would not be a problem. They are run by fuel not electricity.If he is worried about the APU that would be the only concern, but again only if he was running up to the aircraft while its operating.Unless he is doing some kind of welding, which again would not be done to an operating plane, that realisticly is never going to happen.As with all of our small annoyances one must be within a few feet to interfer with our units. This again would not happen because one can not be that close to a running jet engine.My husband thinks that he should make a trip to the airport and hang around with his co-workers. That is the best measure of interferance. As with alot of things, something can bother one pewrson and not the other. As well as the other way around. My husband says its not high powered electonics as with a transformer and really believe he should be able to go back to his job. People fly on the planes also and one is in close range but not sitting on it. Also does the planes he works on have magnetos,and if so are they operating within a close distance.He says even then you don't need a magneto to start it so you could test it with some other way as a mechanic. I hope this helps a little . sorry if its alot of info. but he was trying to think of every different thing your husband may come across.
good luck.
your "strange" friend,

I Have Had Problems with Engines

by DMcCloud - 2007-04-28 02:04:45

If you will go to the Interferences section, you will find two postings by me in which I talk about jet engine interferences with my PM. I think the issue is resonant oscillation at a frequency that interferes with my PM when a jet engine is running at abnormal speeds. My earlier post down the page details the issue an update later tells of mechanics with a major airline telling me what they thought about it. They are the source of the resonant oscillation theory. I am 100% sure that I have had interference from jet engines on 3 different occasions and it was not pleasant. My PM is 10 years old, so the new ones may not have the problem. It is unknown at this time. Please let me know what the airline folks tell you.


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