Heart rate Monitor Watch

Can anyone recommend a stylish watch that is NOT an apple watch? I need a man's watch.  Something big.  I also freedive, scuba dive and spearfishing and would love to be able to get my heartrate during those times too. I would buy more than one watch of course. 


Don't bother

by AgentX86 - 2020-06-28 09:35:34

If you're buying a smart watch to track your heart rate, save your money. None are reliable enough to spend money for. Add the difficulty of a dive watch and it's an impossible dream.

Also, it's unhealthy to obsess on your heart rate. Yes, I have a smart watch (in fact I'm wearing two right now ' don't ask) and wear it except to charge it but the heart rate information is next to useless.


by ShanaBer - 2020-06-28 12:02:46

Interesting that AgentX86 hasn't found them to be accurate. I have used both Apple Watch and Garmin and while the older versions were not great the newer ones track very closely to my actual HR measured by a HRM strap and a Holter monitor. Definitely not perfect and throw some weird values once in a while but they do a decent job. I run/train by HR (used to and will again) so I wasn't obsessed about it but found it a useful tool. 

Since you don't want an Apple Watch I would take a look at what Garmin has. For sure they have running/cycling watches but I am not sure about dive.


by AgentX86 - 2020-06-28 17:13:51

The problem is the pulse-ox style sensors.  These are really bad at measureing pulse rate if the watch is moving.  They work reasonably well if you're not moving (well sometimes mine shows a lot of blanks, even here)  but not so well when moving/exercising, which is when you really need it.

The EKG style monitors should work better but the question eliminated the iWatches from the discussion.  I believe they're the only ones with an EKG sort of rate monitor.

HR Watches

by Tday - 2020-06-29 01:46:02

Hey Bob, I just finished reviewing all the HR watches/monitors because my cardiologist & pacer tech want to know what my HR does during my workouts - especially swimming. I ended up with a Garmin Swim 2 (because I swim 3x a week) and pair it when I work out with a Garmin Swim HRM.  I’ve only had it for a few days but so far it’s been spot on during SUP and TRX/cardio workouts.  Tomorrow I’ll test it’s reliability in the pool.  The info will be extremely helpful for my pacer tech who will be making adjustments Tuesday.  There are only a few reliable watches for HR.  Check out all the watch reviews for serious watermen by DC Rainmaker.  His were the most informative reviews.  

Update for Bob on the Garmin Swim 2 watch

by Tday - 2020-07-03 00:47:44

I swam 3 days this week with the Swim 2 and the Garmin HRM chest strap. Each session was 45 minutes long but varied in intensity.  The last session was an extended CCS (pretty intense workout).  I was able to share the data from each workout with my pacer tech nurse using the Garmin Connect App and then he interrogated my pacemaker afterwards (in the clinic) to see how accurate it was and what adjustments we needed to make to my pacemaker settings.  

Overall the setup worked well.  The Garmin readout wasn't completely accurate but they don't claim to be either - and as Agent X86 pointed out above, the technology hasn't quite developed.  Still, it was in the ballpark and the printouts were similar.  For my use it has been extremely helpful.  I have a unique situation and some new features I didn't have on my last pacemaker -  which is why it was so important to get it dialed in.  

My competitive paddler & triathalon athlete friends mostly use the Garmin Forerunner 945 and Fenix watches and seem to be pleased with them.  The Swim 2 is much less expensive and if you are going to be mostly using it for a water application it should be fine. Just be sure it will go to the depth you want.  Once again, check out the reviews by DC Rainmaker and others for the differences.  DC covers alll that stuff.  All the best! T  

HR watch

by EhlertACE - 2020-07-04 23:52:17

I'm on my third Garmin.  They've been accurate (although as one poster noted, it is good to not obsess on that data; I wholeheartedly agree).  I do track HR, but my primary function is GPS for running.

Years ago I had a Suunto.  Also accurate--in the days of using a chest strap for HR monitor--and really cool-looking.  It was too big for my thin wrist, but you may like. The face was like a giant flying saucer on my arm.  A really cool-looking flying saucer, but it was giant nonetheless.

Reverse watch

by Trisurfer - 2020-08-07 08:44:59

To improve the accuracy of your watch flip the watch around so the sensors are facing the underside of your wrist. 

Made all the difference with my Garmin Vivioactive HR, matches up to my chest strap Polar perfectly. 

I can't believe I run with two HR monitors, I guess that what happens when you have a PM.



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