Has anyone else on here had the micra AV implanted? If so I would really like to chat and compare notes!


Micra AV

by Gemita - 2020-06-28 12:18:48

Hello Sydney,

I know there are a few folks on this forum who have a "Micra" pacemaker but not Micra AV.  You might be one of the first??  Care to share with us how you have found your little device so far ??  Has it helped ?  I know we had a few posts recently about the Micra (and you should find these posts on pages 1, 2 or 3), so might be worth a read if you haven't already seen.

I have a regular dual lead pacemaker (right atrium, right ventricle) for tachy/brady syndrome (since 2018) and this is working really well for me and has made such a difference to my quality of life.  I did have a few hiccups initially with tachycardia at night for approx 3 months but after reducing/stopping some of my meds, my heart settled down and is enjoying being paced at 70 bpm.

Will be interested to hear how you are finding your new device.  Take care and enjoy your activities

Micra AV

by Grateful&Amazed - 2020-06-28 15:17:04

Hi, I just joined this club because I'm hoping to talk with anyone else who has this very fancy gizmo-- and here you are!  I was admitted to hospital a month ago after having fainted in the afternoon, and then had surgery a half day later for 3rd Degree blockage, and was apparently a perfect candidate for Medtronic Micra AV.  BIG surprise to me-- I was fit and active at the gym, not winded, no pain; I just suddenly collapsed one day, and thought maybe I was dehydrated-- never crossed my mind I might require a pacemaker to stay alive.  Dr is pleased with surgical results.   Pacemaker Team has been puzzling through adjustments, 3 different sessions with me, ca. 90 minutes each.  I believe I'd feel a bit less insecure if I had a night monitor; but if I understand correctly, I don't have a monitor yet, because Medtronic hasn't invented it yet, that's how new our Micra AV is!  Do you have your monitor yet?  I'm humbled and grateful to have this implanted.


by Sydney.A95 - 2020-06-28 21:00:21

I just had mine implanted and I do have a bed side monitor that thransmits the activity nightly to Medtronic who then transfers it to my cardiologist. It is a very neat gadget. I thought it was daunting at first, that I could sit there while doing nothing and have the nurses or techs making my heart beat how they want. I've not yet had another session since the implant, but I would love to. 
do you feel your pacemaker when it starts going? What are your perimeters set at and also what setting do they have you on? I think that mine is set to synchronize? One more question, (sorry) do you feel and twitching in your arms, side, or leg whenever your pacemaker is doing it's thing? 

I really want to sit down and just talk with my doctor about it all, but they are just so busy so I am left with google but it's such a new device that they don't have much information on it. 

For the week that I have had it, I feel pretty great even though my groin is still healing up. I think I'll have to wait a few months to really see how it's helping me. 
 There have been a few times where my heart beat feels like it's battling what my micra is doing (I named my micra Echo, lol) and I sit there and wait for my bpm to make up its mind- but aside from that I have no complaints. I received mine because I was passing out all the time and I ended up drowning in a pool so I really couldn't do many things a normal girl in her early 20s could do, so they decided to implant. I have dysautonomia pots and SVT, I also was tachy-Brady so micra was the best option. 

Sorry for how long and random this is haha, I've been wanting to chat with someone for awhile!

Hi Sidney

by jamfer - 2020-07-01 16:10:57

I've been reading alot about the Micra AV.  I didn't have any time to even think about which device they were going to implant or ask question.  I'm curious to find out how you ended up with the Micra AV and what your experience has been.  It's a very interesting concept and would love to hear your feedback.

My story

by Sydney.A95 - 2020-07-01 20:54:53

To answer your question, I ended up getting the new Micra because I pass out ALL the time and have been seriously injured multiple times as a result. My dysautonomia causes me to have bradycardia, tachycardia, and tachy-Brady where it oscillates between high 30's bpm and 200. The goal was to help synchronize both chambers and keep me out of bradycardia and to make the gap during my Brady-tachy smaller (instead of 30-200 it is now 60-200) although I also had two cardiac ablutions now to help with the SVT. So now my cardiologist is working on stabilizing my blood pressure because I always have very low blood pressure and now my heart rate can't compensate for that so I may still pass out. However, I've had it for just over a week now, I haven't had an fainting spells- I have only felt off a little here and there but all around I have WAY more energy which has been a huge blessing. 
my insurance (and many insurances won't) wouldn't cover the procedure at all because the Micra AV is so new but I was fortunate enough to be enrolled into a charity through the hospital and they paid for the full operation which is largely how I was even able to be given this device. I think it also helps that I have a team actively studying my condition so it's sort of an experiment for them. The procedure itself is great because it's not as invasive, writhing 4 days I was walking normal and now all I'm dealing with is the feeling of a pulled groin (my youth may be on my side here). I recommend it! I think within three months I'll know how it's really helping but we will see, my outlook is pretty positive. My concern is that they can't take it out once it is in so when I need a new one, they will just add a new device and shut the other one off- so how many can my heart hold? Haha it's wild to think about. I assume technology will have grately advanced in 12 years when this one kicks the bucket. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to talk further! Hope that helps 

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