moving pacemaker

They are going to move my pacemaker from my shoulder to my abdomen so I can have radiation on my back chest area for cancer treatment. Has anyone had this proceedure done?


re: moving pacemaker

by jenh - 2007-04-27 02:04:27

Hey there,

My first 2 pacemakers were in my abdomen, because I got them when I was young and fairly small. I don't think it uncommon for pacemakers to be located there. It does make a longer scar though -- from where they run the lead from the pacemaker to the heart, so recovery time may be longer than placement in the chest. Best of luck with the surgery and the cancer treatment.



by R3DN3CK - 2007-05-15 11:05:35

My pacemaker is in my abdomen right now. im on my 3rd one. Mine seems to shock me because im growing and pulling on the leads. But best of luck on your Treatment and abdomen placements not that bad :)

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