Upper pec and under arm still sore

Hi all..

Just wondering if any thoughts or advice for me. I am 8 weeks in after receiving my new PM on my dominant right side. I'm still feeling slightly sore above my right pectoral muscle and slightly under my arm pit.. I'm a little anxious about this as I am hoping to return to work in the coming week and as I work at construction (plasterer) I'm worried that either I have done some damage or will do damage to the pocket/site ..Any thoughts guys??? Thank you in advance 


Don’t rush back

by Gemita - 2020-06-21 18:02:08

Hi Speedy,

I would take it easy for another month in view of your physical work. Could you get a note from your GP to support you taking extra time off or recommending that if you return to work you only do light duties for another month?  Or are you self employed ?

At 8 weeks it should be safe to stretch above your head but if you are still feeling sore, carrying heavy loads of plaster on boards at shoulder level won't help.  

By three months you should be well healed and stronger.  I would rather err on the side of caution if I were in your shoes


by Tracey_E - 2020-06-22 10:25:07

It's unlikely you've done anything wrong. When it's buried deep like that, it can take some time to fully recover, for scar tissue to build around the device so it gets numb. Mine is also under the pectoral. I was back at the gym at 4 weeks but it was more like 3 months before I was doing my old routine, my old weights, no soreness. Can you ease back into it and go light for a few more weeks? 

Upper pec and under arm still sore

by Speedy - 2020-06-22 17:58:47

Thanks guys for the advice, I'm self employed and have been out of work for quite some time now...Was diagnosed with Endocarditis last Feb, old device and leads were removed in March and as I said new device fitted on the 28th April..So I have had a pretty tough few months to say the least...I need to get back to work, for both mental and financial reasons...But very nervous considering everything that has happened..This soreness in my armpit is just making me even more anxious...But I dont know if it's just a case of not healing yet or if its something more serious/permanent...

Have you spoken to your GP or pacemaker clinic ??

by Gemita - 2020-06-22 18:37:51

Hi Speedy,

I understand you need to work but I would speak to your doctors about the armpit pain. Maybe they can do an ultrasound and check for any problems.

I had this symptom shortly after pacemaker implant but it has now vastly improved.  Pain pacemaker region is very common for all of us and can take months to disappear but armpit pain is something you need to bring to your doctor's attention since it could be serious if it persists.  It can be caused by infection, swelling of lymph nodes, nerve or blood vessel irritation so best get it checked

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