New ICD recipient

Hi I got my pacemaker 1week ago. It's been quite stressful. My family doesn't understand the impact this has had on me. Physically I'm doing better but mentally I'm not myself. I feel disconnected.


Getting your head around it.

by Theknotguy - 2020-06-20 12:33:14

Yeah, it's hard at first to get your head around the situation.  And the family can't help as they don't have a lump of metal inside their body that is needed to keep themselves alive.  It's overwhelming at first.  That's why this forum is so important to the people who do.  

There are a lot of people on the forum who are willing to help.  One of the biggest things for me was to realize I wasn't alone and there were other people out there who had problems similar to mine.  

There are tips and tricks to help.  All you have to do is ask.  And, if it's any comfort, I think it was nine months before I got out of my vehicle and walked across the parking lot without thinking about my pacemaker.  So it will take some time but life does get back to "normal".

Best thing is being in the "in" crowd with other pacemaker people with whom I can tell about pacemaker situations and we can have a good laugh.  Only those of us who have the pacemaker will get the joke.  Listed under things-they-don't-tell-you and you have to find out for yourself.  Like - no one told me my pacemaker would kick up my heart rate when I ride in a large, empty truck that bounces all over the place.  Found out I have to reach over with the other arm and hold onto the pacemaker.  Looks like I'm giving the driver a Roman Centurion salute as we go down the road.  Only those of us with pacemakers will get the humor in that.  

Anyway, life does get back to "normal".  It may take some time but you'll get there.  

Otherwise, hope your adjustment to your pacemaker goes well.  

Pacemaker blues

by AgentX86 - 2020-06-20 12:49:37

This may sound cold but every time you're bumed out because you needed a pacemaker, mentally change the subject to "I'm Alive, that pacemaker thingy in me is awesome!". Really, that's the truth.


The bright side

by JEllis26 - 2020-06-21 20:05:26

It's not easy getting accustomed to having a pacemaker especially if you're still quite young. I've had mine in coming up a year and it's still a weird experience being able to feel it.. but honestly best thing is try and not over think it occupy yourself, seen on your bio you're into motorbikes, order some parts for it, modify it next thing you know you'll be back out on the road, it is an adjustment for your family as well especially if no one in your family has had one before, it's a new experience to them. Bluntly.. it's there, it's not going anywhere and you're the same person regardless of the pacemaker, don't let it get you down seriously, it really isnt worth the stress or grief man. it's pretty cool if you think about it, your body is worth more than your families with your new jewellery inside  

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So, my advice is to go about your daily routine and forget that you have a pacemaker implanted in your body.