If you haven’t figured it out yet...

We are all cyborgs, literally by definition.

A cyborg (/ˈsaɪbɔːrɡ/), a contraction of "cyberneticorganism", is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts.


Resistance is futile

by LondonAndy - 2020-06-20 02:37:24


when the robot overlords rule us...

by CyborgMike - 2020-06-20 03:29:22

...they will be more compassionate towards us cyborgs. 

To make this site more secure .............

by IAN MC - 2020-06-20 03:55:30

I am  a robot / cyborg      (   )   

Please tick before proceeding


Resistance is futile

by AgentX86 - 2020-06-20 14:07:57

You will be assimilated!

You know you're wired when...

Your pacemaker interferes with your electronic scale.

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