New PM on my dominant RHS

Hi all, 

Looking for any advice and views to my new situation I know find myself in. My new Sorin Eno ( Medtronic leads) pacemaker was fitted on the 28th April this year, it's my 3rd device and my previous 2 were Medtronic..Unfortunately my last device was only in for 3yrs and had to be removed in March because I developed Endocarditis on the leads..After a pretty tough few months of heavy antibiotics and trauma , my new device was eventually fitted ..But as you can imagine the original side (left) was not an option so they had to use my dominant right side..Now I'm thinking about going back to work, and get this I work in construction (Plasterer) so it's very physical and a lot of arm movement..My doc says it's ok to go back but just be careful and I am a little sceptical of that advice as I dont think he fully understands the full extent of work and movement my arm/shoulder would go through in a full day on site..Maybe I'm overthinking this, I do know with my two previous PM I never gave it a second thought as they were on the left and in my mind they were always kinda protected.. But now with the PM on my right I am really worried & nervous about doing some damage to either leads or PM..Would really appreciate any thoughts and views from you guys..Thank you in advance.



I think you know the answer

by dwelch - 2020-06-20 01:45:02

This isnt your first device, im sure your left arm didnt just dangle there all day it worked too, maybe not as hard sure.  You should be well recovered by now as you know from this not being your first device.  I dont see at this point what the concern would be.  standard disclaimer of course, but if it were me I wouldnt hesitate at all. 

Unless it is the rare case your doc doesnt have a pacer and doesnt know what any of this is like, nor does he/she do that kind of work other than perhaps an experiment here and there (and then has to call you in to fix it).  

As with your prior devices I think your body will tell you when you are pushing liimts and need to back off ro rest or use the other hand for a bit.  Take it slow at first to test the waters, long term I cant see any reason why there is an issue, so perhaps your concern is short term or just getting started and I expect you will find it is fine.  

which side

by Tracey_E - 2020-06-21 10:27:38

Unless you are shooting a rifle/shotgun or playing violin, once it heals it shouldn't matter which side it's on. 

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