Hello everyone. I'm a 47 year old male and just had my pacemaker implanted on the 04Jun20. I was starting to have some mild chest pain and shortness of breath and sweating a lot. My doctor referred me for a stress test again. I didn't get into the stress test until begin of March of 2020. They start the test didn't like something they see and the doctor tell me I need a ablation and schedule it for the following week. Covid-19 happens and everything is put on hold. They finally get me in for the procedure on 04Jun20. They do a EKG before the procedure and come back and tell me I have a stage 3 block and need a pacemaker. The explain the top of my heart is beating and bottom isn't keeping up with it. I go in for my follow up appointment and they tell me they have the pacemaker setup for it to not go under 50bpm. They tell me they may need to put a third elektron in at the bottom of my heart, and move the pacemaker up to 100. Now I'm scared because I'm hearing if the pacemaker is up to a 100 it weaking the heart and you will need a heart transplant. I'm scared and depress now. 



I understand, I was scared too in the beginning

by Gemita - 2020-06-19 07:03:50

Dear Graybear72,

You are 47 and a young man with a lot of life still to live.  Take one step at a time and with each step I believe you will get better.  Many of us go through the fear and uncertainty you are now experiencing at the start of our journey with heart problems which is always scary.  It was for me and I too went through the agony of thinking life would never be the same.  But today with modern pacemakers and other treatment for our individual heart condition most of us can improve and go on to live a good quality of life, so why shouldn’t you?

You have a lot going on but they are tackling it step by step.  Do not think too far ahead and certainly do not start worrying about a transplant when there is so much they can do to improve your present situation.  

You may find that with the third lead and any other medical treatment that is offered, you will improve and your heart will stabilise.  So shall we look on the brighter side and have more hope than fear?  I can see your doctors are doing all they can to help you and I would feel very confident in their hands. 

There are lots of knowledgeable folks on this site who can help you through this trauma, so don't be afraid to ask for help at any time.  I wish you lots of strength and luck


We Understand

by Grateful Heart - 2020-06-19 10:47:06

Get some clarification from your doctor to ease your mind.  I have 3 leads (4 really but that's another story)

A CRT device (cardiac resynchronization therapy) is also a pacemaker that will pace both lower chambers of your heart in sync, as well as your atria.  Your settings may be programmed so that your heart does not go under 50bpm but the 100 you are referring to is most likely.... the lower chambers are paced 100% to keep them in sync and try to improve heart failure.  The numbers are two different settings (and there are many) for different reasons.  I pace 100% in the lower chambers too but my heart rate setting is at 70bpm.

We understand your concerns...we've all been there.  I was scared too but then I decided I needed to learn about my condition and device to understand it.  Knowledge is power!! 

I have been paced 12 years now and I'm on my 2nd device.  I would not still be here without it.  These devices are amazing!!!   While not everyone has seen such improvement, I am no longer in heart failure.

Feel free to ask any questions here but get clarity from your doc.  

Grateful Heart       

Thank you

by Graybear - 2020-06-22 21:21:13

Thank you both.  I can't say I'm not still scared. I'm also scared I won't be able to provide for my family. I'm still to young to retired from my job. 

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