zapping feeling

Has anyone ever felt what I can only describe as a live wire jerking feeling?  It is in the left side closer to middle under my breast.  I can go days without feeling it and then be shopping and it hits which stops me in my tracks.  The duration of the feeling varies as does the jerking motion.  It can happen once and be done or a few times in succession but it hurts and is very uncomfortable.  Since I never experienced this before the PM I assume it is related.  I did ask the doctor about it but he just strugged his shoulders.


Do you mean jerking as in sudden pulling sensation ?

by Gemita - 2020-06-18 14:43:34

Hello Hit&Run,

We are all trying to self diagnose this week and why not when we don't get answers from our doctors!!  I see you have successfully completed your Bio.

"Live wire jerking feeling" sounds a bit like an electric shock type pain to me and I would immediately think irritation of a nerve ?

I had surgery lower end of my oesophagus some years ago and I can get sudden pain, sharp, lightening fast in the chest (epigastric upwards and spreading).  A bit like a trapped nerve I suppose.  Then when my pacemaker was implanted I started getting a similar sensation around the pacemaker site and spreading inwards.  For me it was clearly nerve related but I am happy to say it has almost disappeared.  (Actually my husband also complained of the same problem shortly after his pacemaker implant and doctors confirmed it was nerve related).  

I wonder if a nerve has been irritated during your pacemaker implant.  My symptoms have got better over the years without any intervention although I still occasionally get this sensation and it really does feel like an electric shock.  I have tried neuropathic pain medication and it definitely helped.  Hopefully your symptoms will disappear with time.

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