Underarm psin

So hard to explain briefly. 
I recently started having pain on the left side where the cd is. My Ep said it could be the pocket maybe I've loses weight several variables. I believe it's now something pressing under the left arm is where it's hurting. 

im at a loss and I keep having all this pain  


Go back to your doctors if the pain continues

by Gemita - 2020-06-18 06:03:09

Sheila, I would go back to your doctors again if you are still concerned and troubled by the pain which you clearly are.  They may be able to investigate further and identify the problem which may or may not be caused by your pacemaker/ICD.  It is possible that your device has slightly moved causing some discomfort, especially if you have lost weight.

I still get discomfort around my pacemaker site going into the left armpit and my pacemaker has clearly moved slightly since implant in 2018 but I would think some movement of our devices is fairly normal as they settle in.   I see your pain has started more recently, so hopefully this will settle quickly, but please see your doctors if it doesn't

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