Pacemaker beep

I got told my pacemaker is low i think about 3 months left i got told my pacemaker might beep or buzz because its low can any one tell what it sounds like how loud and how often is it every 1hr once a day etc ?


Low battery

by britwest - 2020-06-16 12:27:20

I have an AV Node ablation and so entirely reliant on my pacemaker.  I was told 3 weeks ago that my pacemaker is "end of life".  So far no beeps and no idea when it will happen.  Stressful!  Has anybody any information? 

Pacemaker Audible Alarms

by Marybird - 2020-06-16 13:41:03

I've had no first hand experience with this, but was curious when I heard of the existence of "pacemaker audible alarms". I looked online at some of the manufacturer's pacemaker manuals. I think it was at the Abbott site (St Jude pacemakers and ICDs) where they mentioned a settable option for either a two-tone alarm that goes off in six second intervals, or a vibration alert similar to the vibration of a cell phone. The site also stated that these are optionally selected and set by the doctor, and the patient should be informed of the specific details in his/her case.

So JonQ, in your shoes I think I'd ask your doctor/pacer rep about details (where, when, what does it sound like, what do I do about it) of that alarm they said you might hear. You can also check online at your pacemaker manufacturer's site to see what you can find, or call their customer service people for general information about your pacemaker's alarm functions. But for specific information in your case as to when and what you could expect to hear, the best bet would be with your doctor or pacer clinic folks. 

My daughter is coming to the EOL with her pacemaker too-it's a Medtronic, implanted in January 2012.  They have not informed her of any alarm she might hear and she hasn't heard anything. Makes me wonder now......


Low Battery

by AgentX86 - 2020-06-16 16:03:04

Britwest, if I were in you shoes (or should I say "when"), I'd be kicking and screaming for a replacement - NOW.  "End of Life" takes on a whole new meaning for us AV node ablation types.

AFAIK, Medtronic devices don't have audible warning alarms.

end of life battery

by LondonAndy - 2020-06-16 18:33:50

I have a Medtronic, and was curious to know how I would tell my device was at it's end of life (EOL) if for some incomprehensible reason my checkups didn't pick this up.  So asked my tech at the first checkup, 5 or 6 years ago.  As AgentX86 says, there is no audible alarm with Medtronic devices, and I am 100% dependent too, so I take a close interest in this!

My tech kindly set my device to the EOL mode, which is basic functions only (no response activated etc), and told me to walk slowly down the hospital corridor to see what it would be like.  I felt pretty normal, but my heart felt heavy, as if it had signifcantly increased in weight.  He then reset it to full operation :) 

There is, of course, a "reserve tank" of battery life once in this state, so no need to panic but I would make sure I was readily available over the next few months and be chasing them for a date for the replacement!

Battery End of Life

by Dave H - 2020-06-18 11:37:44

My original Medtronic Consulta resynchronization PM was implanted in 2012.  Battery lasted until mid- 2017 and PM was replaced with a Medtronic VIVA XT CRT-D.  How was it determined the original pacemakers battery was low? -------  Easy..........suddenly, every morning at 8AM a loud sound like a British Police Car Siren would erupt from the Cosulta (really made eyes widen when it happened at the clinic I visit when I was there for a fasting blood draw.)  So much for Medtronic devices not giving a low battery warning signal.............

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