Burping and Gurgling noise

Hi everyone, I have had my PM since 2007. No issues then had new box fitted in 2017. Unfortunately in Feb 2020 what I initially thought were flu like symptoms eventually turned out to be Endocarditis. After many weeks and PM & lead extraction and nearly 11 weeks on total on heavy antibiotics I finally got a new device fitted on the RHS. However since the night of the new implant I have been experiencing a lot of stomach growling and constant belching. I have spoken to both the surgeon and cardiologist and they have done all the usual tests and are saying that all is well with the pacemaker (Sorin Eros). I am aware of all the gastro issues that all the antibiotics could have caused but instead of getting any better as the weeks go by the symptoms are getting worst..I am due to see an gastroenterologist and have both an endoscopy & colonoscopy done this week..Maybe answers there..Has anyone any experience or advice on my problems..Many thanks in advance..


sounds like reflux

by Gemita - 2020-06-08 17:09:28

Hello Speedy,

You are having a hard time and I am not surprised that your digestive system is beginning to complain loudly.

I have a number of gastric problems mainly due to intermittent difficulties swallowing and passing food and liquids into my stomach.  My gastroenterologist said it is due to a hold up of both fluids and solids lower oesophagus.  I too have throat "gurgling" sounds (but am unable to burp!!)  I have been given PPI Lansoprazole (this inhibits stomach acids from refluxing into oesophagus and causing inflammation).  Relief from my symptoms has been fast although I will need oesophageal dilatation as soon as it is safe for me to attend hospital.

I would imagine that an endoscopy and colonoscopy will bring a diagnosis and hopefully you can start treatment as soon as possible.  It is likely that the strong antibiotics have taken their toll and maybe caused stomach/oesophageal inflammation and other gastric problems.  I would ask about probiotics and eat plain yoghurt which will help to restore "good" bacteria which you will have lost due to strong, lengthy courses of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are often needed but they can cause so many gastric problems and horrible indigestion.   

I do hope everything goes well for you

Burping and Gurgling noise

by Speedy - 2020-06-08 17:35:26

Hi Gemita,

Thank you so much for your advice. I am hoping that either the Endoscopy or Colonoscopy will finally give me some clarity on the symtoms. I'm already taken probiotics and PPI ( Nexium) since I started antibiotics and they dont seem to be off any good so far. My main concern is the fact that the symtoms only started on the night of the new device been fitted, I already had 11 weeks behind me with the antibiotics..So it's either a strange coincidence  and all down to meds or else my suspicions are correct and therefore have to convince cardio doctors they are wrong...So as I said hopefully get more clarity from gastroenterologist 

Thanks again for the comments.

You could ask ...

by Gemita - 2020-06-09 04:36:55

Cardiology or gastroenterology doctor to check about the possibility of diaphragmatic pacing following pacemaker implant ?  The phrenic nerve can be irritated/damaged during implant (my electrophysiologist told me about this possibility) causing the diaphragm to contract and symptoms as you describe.  It usually settles on its own or with time (hopefully) or they may be able to adjust your settings to help with this.

Hopefully additional testing and a gastric referral will sort this out for you 

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