Low heart rate after pacemaker

I had a Medtronic dual lead pacemaker last Wednesday. My settings were 60/120. My heart rate has dropped into the low40s several times in the last couple of days. I called and talked to surgeon and he didn't seem very concerned. I thought pacemaker shouldn't let my heart rate go below 60. I was diagnosed with tachy Brady but before surgery I was told I also had heart block. I'm very concerned about my heart rate still going so low 



by arentas80 - 2020-06-07 20:15:50

Hi there!

How are you tracking your heart rate? Is it reliable? I only ask because if it's a fitness tracker not all of them are completely accurate. With that said your PM SHOULD NOT let your HR drop below the base setting. If it was let's say 57-58 ok that's one thing but 40 is way too low. I would make an appt with your EP or Cardiologist ASAP! Wish you all the best. Stay safe!


Low heart rate after pacemaker

by Jasch - 2020-06-07 20:53:09

I'm tracking with Apple watch

Apple heart rate tracker

by AgentX86 - 2020-06-07 21:42:12

Like other wrist straps, the Apple heart rate monitor (as opposed to its EKG function) is a pulse oximiter type and is subject to the same limitations as the others. 

One likely possibility is that you're getting PVCs, an may not be counted on the monitor. They're often too weak to register on the pulse-ox type sensors. If you're getting bigeminal PVCs (one every other beat) it'll show half the real rate. 

It often takes a while for the heart to get used to being paced and will throw off an abnormal number of PVCs (or PACs).  Everyone gets them and they don't feel particularly good but by the time you notice them, gone and you may not get another for hours.  However, when the percentage of PVCs to normal beats gets high it gets objectionable, though it's rarely dangerous.

To see if this is what's happening, next time try to find your pulse in your groin (don't do this in public, folks).  Failing that, try the neck.  These are larger arteries so it's easier to feel the normal pulses and the PVCs.  You'll likely find your pulse is irregular, but the number should be close to being right.


by Sydney.A95 - 2020-06-23 22:38:43

I have this very similar issue. I just got the micra and I am still dipping into the 40s. Sometimes it feels like my heart is fighting what my pacemaker wants and I feel all wonky. The way my doc explained it to me was that the pacemaker (the way mine is set up anyway) can't prevent my heart from dipping but it is, in fact, doing its job by firing off and trying to reset the pace as soon as it senses I've gone below 60. He also told me that it won't be a fix all for the brady-tachy BUT instead of my Bpm oscillating between 160 down to the high 30s it'll be the high heart rate to 60. So the gap is at least smaller. I'm not sure, obviously I'm not a doc and I'm soooo new to this, it confused me also and I was like what the heck?! I hope this helps a little- if nothing else at least you know you're not the only one! Hope it gets sorted 🙏🏼

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