I want to ask if it ok to get my doctors number? Im hesitant in doing so because the expenses from my pacemaker and surgery came from the governments help so my parents didnt have to pay anything except interogation when in check up schedule. I dont know if its ok for a patient like me to do so. And the hospital where im going to for my doctor is far away like 2 hours transportation and I only commute since my family dont own a car. It would really help me if i can ask through text with my doctor about stuff like excercise and what type is allowed and not. im 20 years old and I had my pacemaker for about 1 and half year.


Go for it Anthonys

by Swangirl - 2020-06-07 10:25:52

Yes, by all means call your doctor.   "Telemed" or whatever we are calling it is very common now that the coronavirus is a risk. You should get your questions answered.  However after a year and a half it's likely that you can do whatever exercise you want to do.  You could also post your questions on this site as there are many people here who would want to help you.   

I see you are in the Phillipines and I'm glad you were able to get medical care with government help.  It sounds like your parents were very resourceful getting you to a hospital so far away without a car or transportation.  Many people here in the U.S. are without insurance and healthcare as our government doesn't see it as a human right but as a privilege for the well off.  I hope someday under a new administration this will be fixed.  You are a good example of someone who may have fallen between the cracks if you and your parents hadn't figured out a way to get you the pacemaker you needed.  I applaud you!


by Anthonys - 2020-06-07 12:34:18

Thank you very much for the reply i'll try doing it this month on the day of my check up. And im glad there are full of helpful people like you in this forum. Thank you very much.

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