Complete Extraction Two Weeks

Found out in January that I never needed a Pacemaker at all. The doctor made a huge error two years ago (possibly a pattern and that is being investigated). The device has been turned off for a few months and I am going to the Cleveland Clinic to have Dr. Bruce Wilkoff do the lead and device extraction in less than two weeks.

There were many complications (incision came open, infection, pocket revision, etc.) with my original implant and I am having some anxiety about the removal. Does anyone with experience in lead extraction have any advice on recovery time and how easy this should be? The doctor in Cleveland has done tons of lead extractions with great success. I am just wondering about recovery time and limitations on activities.

Thank you in advance. 

Also, this group has been a great comfort and help in figuring out how to live with the device and then deciphering the data to determine I needed a second opinion (four doctors concur never needed) so thank you to those who have shared their experiences and knowledge.

Stay safe!


You're in Good Hands

by Swangirl - 2020-06-04 23:18:27

I'm so sorry you have gone through this terrible medical mismanagement.  I had a pacemaker many years ago that never paced and then had to get another one ten years later as no one would take it out.  Cleveland Clinic is a stellar medical facility with very high level providers and I'm sure you will get a good outcome with them.  A lead extration is a difficult procedure but it sounds like it is the right thing for you and everyone concurs.  I wish you the best.  Please report back to this site and tell us about your experience.  

Dr. Wilkoff

by doublehorn48 - 2020-06-05 12:07:29

In 2017 I had a lead extraction done at The Cleveland Clinic.  Dr Wilkoff did the extraction.  You are going to the highest rated heart hospital in the U S.  And from what I've read the most qualified Doctor to do a lead extraction.  You are in great hands.

.Good luck

m. scott

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