I'm a new member of the Pacemaker Club and I'd like to ask, about sports: I'm 62 years old and I had a pacemaker implant 4 months ago, with (2) electrodes, due to bradycardia. I have been involved in the sport of shooting with a shotgun for many years, but now my doctor tells me to avoid it, because it is possible that the pacemaker will be adversely affected by the reloading(recoiling) of the weapon. Is there another member with a pacemaker who is involved in shooting or hunting, who can inform about practical issues?
Thanks in advance



by AgentX86 - 2020-06-01 21:46:33

The only thing I was warned against was shooting left-handed (obvious reasons).  Shooting right-handed, assuming the normal left side PM, is normally considered OK.  I don't shoot shotguns but an AR and my handguns (incl. .357 and .45ACP) aren't a problem at all.  Of course an AR is about like playing a guitar, compared to a shotgun.

However, there may be some reason your doctor doesn't even want you to do that. Ask.  He should be able to give you an explanation for any instructions, that makes sense.

Avoid injury

by SheilaG57 - 2020-06-02 00:26:26

Perhaps, over time he was thinking you might forget and use the shoulder where your pacer is, and think oh I can use this shoulder now it's fine. 
However, it's never ok to use that side. 
I have been to the shooting range with a rifle and didn't have any problems. It's extremely painful and hurts like a #### if you were to hit it with the bunt end of a riddle.  My pacer is several years old and it was hit straight on my pacer and I screamed, brought tears to my eyes and this was long after I had it. 


by Skeetman - 2020-06-02 22:33:47

I am an avid Skeet Shooting and I had PM inputn right side  on 5/1/20.  I have DR's appt in AM.  Big question I will have is when I can start shooting again.  

Shooting with a PM

by Selwyn - 2020-06-05 10:13:49

 I have tried a .22 rifle and shotgun with my PM.( My Father in law was a member of a rifle club, my daughter's father in law has a farm and we did some clays shooting the day after the wedding).

I think it is impossible to hold the weapon on the same side as the pacemaker. Not only does it hurt pushing the stock of the gun that just happens to lie snuggly where my PM is, the recoil gives a nasty knock to the PM and its leads. Not a good idea!

I am left handed and the PM is on the left side. Tried shooting with using the right hand side and right eye- rather bad at it. 

You can get pacemaker protectors  that act as a padded cell over your PM if you are desperate to use the same side as your PM.

There is no problem if you use the weapon on the opposite side to your PM in my limited experience.


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