Pain in my ICD site

This is a edited post -- can't sleep on my side 

After many years of being a side sleeper. 
Now all of the sudden I can't sleep on my ICD side. Small History I have HOCM and have had 2 open heart surgeries and on my second ICD. 
Post surgery and open heart of course I had to sleep on my back or sitting up in a recliner. 
That was over 10 yrs ago and this ICD is Over 5 years old. I've adventually returned to side sleeping until now. 
I wake up in lots of pain in my shoulder where the ICD is. I don't ever mess with it and It's been about a month now. Sometimes it hurts randomly. Saw dr today and she said it felt to be in the pocket and not slipped out. 
I had my machine checked and it was ok Perhaps I should ask for a ultra sound any thoughts. 


Can't sleep

by AgentX86 - 2020-05-31 12:08:25

PMs are attached to the pectoral muscle with a suture to keep it in place.  It sounds like the suture has failed, allowing our ICD to move around.  You'll probably want to have your EP look at this.  I'm not sure they'd actually do anything but it should be looked at, in any case,


Pacer slip

by SheilaG57 - 2020-05-31 15:07:48

Thanks ! Sounds like a good possibility. 
I have an appointment with my EP in the am. 
Im going to mention this to him. 

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