Hi I'm josh I'm 20 I got my pacemaker when I was 18 and every now and then I'll get pain around the heart area and discomfort and sometimes I'll fill it in my left arm. Now I have had high amounts of pressure hit my chest before so idk if that's had anything to do with it or if its something else I should be worried about. my doctors don't tell me much so I'm still clueless about some of the side effects on the pacemaker.



by AgentX86 - 2020-05-29 23:35:33

After two years, you shouldn't have any appreciable pain.  I still have a little but it's mostly caused by my sternotomy wires, I think.  I do have some pain from the PM because it is so near the surface but it's not a pressure sort of thing, more of an abrasion sensation when I touch the lead side.

Pressure in your chest and left arm is something you should have checked out ASAP.  If you have, you should be able to get some explanation from your doctors.  If they aren't communicating, it's time to find new doctors.  It's imperitive that you're able to talk with your medical team and get straight answers.  You may have to do some research into your condition and pacemaker to be able to communicate at thier level but it needs to be done.  It's your body and it's impossible to make descisions without information.

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