Defibulator going off during deep sleep.... no pain.

Hello, anyone else have their defibulator go off during sleep and not feel it ?
 I am about 8 months into my pacemaker-defibulator and twice now it has gone off at night for rapid heart beat and I didn't know.  My monitor picked it up and I was called the next day by the cardiology people.  I have yet to feel the impact of the defibulator and I am nervous about it as my hospital experience was mega painful!!!

Glad I have found this forum.... hugs to alll, jeri



by islandgirl - 2020-05-22 20:19:10

I assume you were being 'paced out' of arrhythmias.  I had been paced out of those arrhythmias many times, and I assume your EP will adjust meds or made some adjustments on your ICD.  Call your EP and ask questions.  

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