Atrial Tachycardia

Good afternoon,  I hate that I am asking questions again, however everyones input is greatly appreciated and very informative.So here goes,

To the best of my knowledge (will make sure of this Monday when I see my cardiologist) I have sick sinus, bradycardia and Mobitz type 2 heart block pass the Av node.  In the past month on 3 different occasions something seemed off.  On the third episode (for lack of a better word) I finally called the dr and told them I was going to send a transmission as things were just off.  This was at 4pm eastern time. When I verified they had receive the transmission they stated yes they received it at 10 am.   That seemed very odd and of course the person answering the phone could not explain.  Well after some thought it came to me that I had my pacemaker implanted while visiting family in Honolulu, which explains the time difference, so am guessing the pacemaker has a built in clock.  So my question is would the time difference affect how my pacemaker is working.   I say no husband says yes.   The dr did call me back and said I was In Atrial Tachycardia which is why I am seeing him along with the Medtronic rep.   Has anyone else experienced this..    Thanks


Your PM does have an internal clock

by crustyg - 2020-05-16 16:23:13

And if you move a lot between time zones (and then stay there for weeks) it's worth getting it adjusted.  Things like the time for night-time reduction of lower rate, time when your PM auto-checks certain settings, time when it starts watching your ventilation rate (looking for marked reduction of breathing rate which *may* be a symptom of upper airways obstruction) - all these are linked to the PM's internal clock.

So, depending on various factors, you may well notice that your PM isn't working as you expect.  Probably the things that would have the most impact would be overnight reduction of lower rate limit and auto-calibration of pacing voltages.

Atrial Tachycardia

by Ms Rutledge - 2020-05-16 16:58:52

Thank you crustyg, have to admit husband was right again.   He will boast. Lol

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