When will I consistently feel well again

Hello Everyone . I just got a dual chamber St Jude PM implanted last Tuesday. So I'm a week in and how I feel is not consistent at all. I'm still in a sling , and that might be affecting the quality of sleep. But when I wake up most days I feel really really good. But a few hours into my day and symptoms sometimes reappear leaving me feeling dizzy, flush, and short of breath . Yesterday , was the worst day I've had. Woke up feeling great had some incision pain and a headache so I took a Tylenol, and I don't know if that triggered some sort of reaction but the symptoms were back and constant to the point I almost returned to the ER.( I didn't go ). I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the device , if there is some sort of complication , or what, but it's very frustrating and scary. I'm not due for my follow up with the Cardiologist and Electro Physiologist until the 20th, and I don't want to run to the ER if this is all normal. Is this normal? Am I overreacting? I hope someone here might have some insight and advice . Thank you in advance. Aaron.


Ditch the slling

by Gotrhythm - 2020-05-12 19:54:45

Using a sling for more than a couple of days is a bad idea. "Frozen" shoulder is an all too frequent consequence of sling use. No reaching overhead for a while, no heavy lifting, but do allow your arm and shoulder to move naturally. I can't diagnose, but tightness in the shoulder can cause headaches.

Hopefully others will respond to some of your other issues. Most are pretty common.

Ditch the sling

by Vegas Dad - 2020-05-12 20:14:14

Ty Gotrhythm...

Vegas Dad

by arentas80 - 2020-05-12 20:39:24

Hi there!

I completely feel your pain. My first few weeks were tough. But looking back at everything I believe the mind played a big part in all of it. I can't even count all the changes my body has been through with this surgery. I would adhere to their check out instructions. Your SOB might be anxiety from the life altering experience you've just been through. And don't forget you've lived how long without it? So this means you have a foreign body inside you which will no doubt causes changes. I would see how the next few days go and if you feel any SOB, with a fever or sharp chest pains then I would consider the ER. If not maybe make a call and do a video chat with your doc. Either way I wish you a speedy recovery and welcome to the club!


Very helpful

by Vegas Dad - 2020-05-14 00:21:10

Thank you Alejandro...that's very comforting and reassuring. I'm definitely looking forward to the consistency and definitely want to to feel well. I'm glad that a site like this exists. I don't feel so alone knowing so many have had this done and felt like I do. Thank you again for the support . 

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