Is fluoroscopy used to replace a pacemaker battery (new pacemaker) when you already have a pacemaker?  Is the operation very similar to when your original pacemaker was placed ?  Just curious...


much more simple

by Tracey_E - 2020-05-08 09:48:33

Leads usually outlast several generators so unless they've told you there's a problem with a lead, all they do is go in (usually the same place), unhook the old one, test the leads, attach the new generator to the old leads. Fast and easy and no need for fluoroscopy (as far as I know, I'm not a doctor but I know fluoroscopy is used for placing leads). Most of the pain the first time was from creating the pocket, most of the restrictions were from the new leads. This time it'll just be the incision healing. I'm on #5 and am home fixing my own lunch if I get an early appointment. Twice I've left for vacation less than a week later. 

Should be no need for fluoroscopy

by crustyg - 2020-05-08 10:04:53

As Tracey_E says, there should be no need for fluoroscopy for a PM box change.

But even if they *did* feel the need to shine some X-rays through you, would that be a problem?  There's a *lot* of needless anxiety about ionising radiation in humans, which causes a lot of unncessary worry and suffering.

Leaving aside the issue of radiation and reproduction/growing embryos, humans cope very well with a little bit of radiation: we're *ALL* slightly radioactive anyway (naturally occuring isotope of Potassium of which we have quite a lot), and you get a decent dose on a long-haul flight (remember those???). Chemicals are *much* more hazardous than radiation and so much more difficult to track down, identify, predict effects and remove from the biosphere.  Compare Bhopal deaths and current morbidity with Chernobyl.

[added later] Have a look at http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7_AR_x2KsVc/TYZxG20r2oI/AAAAAAAAHF8/fdKmlXTeLx0/s1600/radiation.png - notice the 20uSv of a Chest X-ray and the 40uSv of a flight from NY to LA).  Notice, too, the 390uSv from naturally occurring Potassium radiation within our bodies - 20 * a single Chest X-ray.

just in case

by dwelch - 2020-05-23 06:44:23

They dont need to see into your chest (cavity) to replace the device...BUT, if something happens like they break a lead, the lead was broken when they started, or are unable to use it for some reason, they wont want to futz around with getting you setup.  So they prep you with defib pads on your back, just in case, the flouroscope is there, just in case, the rep from the pacer company has spare leads, caps to cap off broken leads, etc, just in case.  Some of us can go without a pacer some cant so they wont mess around. 

Ideally they dont need it but probably you will have the surgery under or near one, just in case.


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