Dyson personal Fans

 I have just bought a Dyson pure air personal fan for my bedroom. When I opened it there was a warning  for people with pacemakers that the fan itself and the remote were magnetic. As I planned to have the remote on my bedside locker and the fan about three or 4 foot away from me I wonder if anyone has any experience of these affecting their pacemaker. I have had my pacemaker now for three years, it is MRI safe and I’ve never had any problems with major surgery or any gadgets. However,  when I set the phone up I think my pulse rate dropped and I felt a bit uncomfortable.  It may have just been my imagination and the fan is amazing and I don’t want to send it back. Any advice please? 


Probably O.K.

by Graham M - 2020-05-06 17:14:26

Time after time, people on this forum ask about electromagnetic fields from everyday appliances.  Manufacturers put pacemaker warnings on them just in case, but they are usually there just to protect themselves.

I work with high power electron microscopes which have large electromagnets as lenses, and have not had any problems.

Modern pacemakers are well shielded and also have a 'safe' setting that they switch to if they encounter high magnetic fields (my Medtronic PM paces at 85 bpm in safe mode).  I doubt very much if a Dyson fan has a sufficiently high electromagnetic field to cause any problems.


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