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Just sent back my zio patch hoping finally they can see the issue, last year I had the 24 hour Holter but no episodes other than a 6% pvc burden. I did have four 3 hour Bigeminy and erratic events during this monitor so hopefully I can finally get help. Thanks to my Apple Watch I have been able to see things more clearly. My cardiologist didn't think last year I had enough issues to go to pacemaker even though my bpm is often in the 30's. Events are not consistent but often like weekly and every time up to now have not happened during any recording. The APRN thought I was bad and really thought I would have a pacemaker last year so I joined the club but the cardiologist said no and I got to suffer fainting spells for another year. It has gotten much worse and sent me by ambulance to the hospital four weeks ago in VT during a pandemic. That freaked me out as I waited the 14 days to hopefully not have the virus. I was lucky no exposure but now I am waiting to find out if I need to worry as pacemaker surgery I believe is elective and will have to wait until things are safer. Have any other members had issues with events not happening during recordings delaying help? 



by AgentX86 - 2020-04-20 13:16:09

It seems to be that your cardiologist is just passing off syncope as no big deal.  Syncope could kill you.  Think of a flight of noce marble stairs at the mall, or maybe passing out while you're driving. The results wouldn't be good.  VT?  That's another life threatening arrhythmia, worthy of an ICD.  I wouldn't go this long without finding another cardiologist.  Fire him!

Most pacemaker implants might be elective but when you're losing consiousness and have had VT, it's no longer elective, IMO.  You didn't mention pauses?

Find a good EP and fire your cardiologist

by ar_vin - 2020-04-20 13:25:50

As noted above, syncope is not to be trifled with - you could end up killing yourself and/or others should you have an episode while driving. 

Find a competent electrophysiologist (EP) and get an appointment ASAP. I can't see any scenario in which you're not a candidate for a PM. Please don't waste any more time with your current "cardiologist". 

Please do report back on your further adventures.....



More detail

by paula3166 - 2020-04-20 14:23:40

Thanks for the responses I have actually been rather upset that he keeps putting me off. The paramedics that took me to the hospital that night said this is not right my blood pressure was 150/60 and my pulse was 42. I have a pause every supposed PVC but my ecg doesn't look like a pvc it looks more like a serious block when I google it. Recently those supposed pvc's are every single beat and I could not stand up that night without falling over from the wave of dizziness. I have read Bigeminy should not last long but I am having episodes longer than 20 minutes constant. I can say some of these scare me to death but I try and just lie down on couch so I don't hurt myself. I also have thought I could pass out or lose my direction behind a wheel it is not right that I know. 

More detail

by AgentX86 - 2020-04-20 18:18:24

That blood pressure/rate wouldn't scare me.  The BP isn't bad but the difference (the "pulse pressure") is high but not alarmingly so, at least in the short term.   A pulse of 42 is technically Bradycardia but many of us have gone years with this sort of rate.

PVCs can feel awful but aren't usually dangerous.  We all have them, though 50% PVCs for a long period would be bad.  I've had runs of bugeminy that ran an hour or more.   Perhaps you're onto something with the block.  Instead of PVCs it could be a 2:1 block.  You definitely need a new cardiologist and he really needs to be an EP.  A general cardiologist won't do.


by Marybird - 2020-04-20 21:43:42

I think you'll find an electrophysiologist will take your issues a lot more seriously than your current cardiologist seems to be doing. That'd be because an EP is lots more knowledgeable about cardiac electrical problems than a cardiac "plumber" is.

At least that was my experience when I switched over from the first cardiologist I saw to the EP. 


Zio Patch

by TAC - 2020-04-21 12:05:31

A second cardiologist opinion won't hurt.

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