Strange feeling after checkup

Hi everyone! Thanks for response. I feel much better today I think maybe combination of little food, dehydration and taking first beta blocker!!!! Also anxiety doesn't help and although I've had my pm around 13 weeks doctor did say that in some people it can take 6 to 12 months to get used to so I'm going to have to try and trust it and relax especially when I've been told it's doing it's job. Thanks again!


Post pacemaker checkup

by Theknotguy - 2020-04-18 10:16:22

I had to talk with the techs post pacemaker checkup.  They'd be checking the atrium side, then the ventricle.  They'd run the ventricle side up really fast and I could feel it.  Then I'd have problems for the next few days.  I talked with my EP and he said it was all in my mind.  So I went back to the techs.  

Started telling the techs I wasn't feeling good post pacemaker checkup and could they go easy on the ventricle side.  Been working with one tech for several years now and he's aware of my complaint.  Consequently he takes it easy on the ventricle check and I get along fine now.  

So your solution may be just to talk with your tech and see if they're willing to take it easier on you while doing the pacemaker check.  

Hope your adjustment to your pacemaker continues to go well.  

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