Repeated self tests

Ive had my icd implant just over a year.  I still feel pvcs off and on every day.  The issued is from what i can tell is the self test.  The clunic tells me its set for 1:30 in the night.  a couple months ago i noticed a a pattern of very strong pvcs at 5:50 pm every day.  Clinic said that was the self test. Problem is i couldnt get into the clinic because its considered non urgent during this cironavirus pandemic. I sorta got used to it, even though it felt like my heart was being flipped over a few times taking my breath away.  Then i it started doing it at 5:50 and again at 6:20.    a week or so later it added 6:50 to its schedule.  then 7:20.  Now its every 30 mins till 8:50.   Occasionally it will seem to skip a test but then back to the same schedule.  After a while this starts to hurt.  Im finally getting in to be seen in a couple days but can anyone shed me some light?



by Smithnm - 2020-04-11 21:27:30

I'm not too sure about ICDs but I have a regular dual lead pacemaker and my pacer self-checks were done at the same time every day at like 2:30 am while I was sleeping. They were waking me up so I asked if I could have them turned off and they turned them off for me. hopefully they can do the same for you.

self checks

by Tracey_E - 2020-04-11 22:20:01

That doesn't sound like self checks to me. I've never heard of them more than every 24 hours, and then only when programmed. Could it be pvc's? Write down the times and take it with you, see if they can match it up with anything on the download. Do you have a home monitor? If so, send a download and let them know to look for it.

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