Pacemaker lead Extraction

Hi, my name is Sandy. I'm 22 I was born with tof/w pulmonary Artesia. My lead is malfunctioning and needs to come out along with another lead as well. I was wondering does anyone have experience in an epicardial: lead out side of the heart. It's being removed and I'm trying to figure out if the removal of this kind of lead placement is different than the lead coming from out of my vien or vessel.   I just don't want to be cut open.



by Tracey_E - 2020-04-07 16:25:40

Glad you found us. I've only heard of lead extraction from the veins, usually because one goes bad and there isn't room for a new one. I thought they left epicardial leads in, but it seems to me like it should be a lot easier than if it's in the vein. Did you ask about leaving it in? Is the new lead going to be in the vein? 

Epicardial leads

by Narelle - 2020-04-07 21:05:59

Hey Sandy - My first pacemakers where these type of leads... in 1975 I was 15 years old, they are still in there floating about... doesnt cause any problems 45 years later.  Wonder why they need to take them out? My pacemakers in those days where put in my abdomen somewhere just under my lower ribs.. and I do have 2 inch scar there, but thats from the box.  Surely they will do it with a scope thru a little hole... I had my gaul bladder and appendix taken out that way, surely they can do that for a lead with an extraction tool in this day and age.    Look forward to hearing how it goes... Good luck.  Narelle 


by DMJ - 2020-04-20 01:45:51

I go to Brigham Women's in Boston, Mass.  They do about 2,000 lead removals a year.  They don't cut you open or just pull them out.  They use specialized tools such as the laser sheath. Laser energy cuts through any scar tissue allowing the leads to be removed.  I got a new PM at the same time.

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