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After battling CHF for over 9 months that became progressively worse, I was implanted with a Medtronics Adapta on the 18th of April. Never before had I experienced anything like this. Up till the implantation, my biggest complaint was the inability to breath due to all the congestion that kept building up. Everytime I simply moved, it felt like I just ran the 440. I managed to end up with 3rd degree heart block and a pulse rate in the upper 20`s.
The day I was taken to have this thing implanted was both the most scary and most wonderful day in sometime. By late afternoon, I was sitting on the edge of that hospital bed just beaming....
The difference in my life has gone from night to day. From just sitting quietly trying to keep breathe in throwing the ball in the yard while playing with our dog. Walking thru the store...Driving again....being able to do the simple things in life without assistance....
Yesterday, when visiting my primary MDs office, even more good news. My hypertension..(avg. of 220/110 bps), has also normalized back to 120`s/70`s. Now I am out of stroke range. Doctor`s think that the syncronization has increased my EF numbers.
Big time WOW factor at work....

This implantation has given me back some of what my life used to be. And to top it all a professional computer geek...I turely have reached the pinnacle of my profession...I literally have become one with my computers..;-)

I also like to thank the creators and moderators of this site for helping me answer so many questions about something that happened realtively fast.



Good Morning - CHF

by kathybnc - 2007-05-04 11:05:07

Syrano - so happy to hear that you are feeling better. My husband has CHF and it is getting progressively worse. He already has a Medtronic ICD 2 lead and they are talking about changing it to a 3 lead bi-ventricular. They say it may help and it may not. Did you have a heart condition prior to your CHF? Did you have to take any trips to the ER with your breathing difficulties - if not - how did you get yourself out of the problem? We've been to the ER many times lately and once they put a c-pap machine on him his breathing comes around. (Problem is they always want to admit him and basically there is nothing else that can be done). Any info you can give would be appreciated. You can either e-mail me privately or here on the boards. Thanks and so happy that this has worked for you. Kathy

Excellent news

by admin - 2007-05-04 12:05:05

I have a Medtronic Adapta pacer as well, but not for CHF. It's a new family of pacemaker.

I'm so glad things are working out for you. It's always nice to hear heart warming sories such as yours. Thanks for sharing!


I Come With A Warranty!

by kayte - 2009-05-04 03:05:18

I just received an Adapta and I'm a computer person as well so I've already started cashing in on the jokes. It's been 3 days and so far so good, just some thumping on my right side when the pacer kicks in. Nice to know it's there..I also think my hypertension is! I'm waiting for that thumping to reside.....


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