Devices that interfere with Pacemakers.

Hi everyone... I’m new here. I just joined the pacemaker club.  I have other questions which I’ll post at a different time. But for now, I have what amounts to a really unimportant question, especially compared to the many serious posts and comments I’ve seen here. Nevertheless, I’ll go ahead and ask my question. Maybe someone will have an answer. 

I’d like to get laser hair removal done. In the past, (pre-pacemaker), I did have it done a few times at my dermatologist’s office. This was a long time ago. At the time I could just about afford to get it done. Getting it done at a doctor’s office or salon, especially because at least a few sessions are usually necessary, is extremely expensive. I can’t afford to do that at all now, so I’m considering getting an at-home device that does the same thing, but is a lot less expensive. I would like to know if a laser or ipl (almost the same technology as laser) home hair removal device is safe to use with a pacemaker. I think it is, judging by some research I’ve done on it. I was hoping I could maybe get a definitive answer from one or more of you. Thanks very much in advance to anyone who answers my question. It’s nice to meet all of you, and I look forward to learning more about pacemakers from this group. 






by Graham M - 2020-04-03 15:11:34

Hi Karen,

Welcome to the club.

I don't know about ipl but a laser is just a highly concentrated beam of light, so shouldn't affect your pacemaker.


Not to worry...

by Gotrhythm - 2020-04-03 20:52:58

I dion't know the specifics of home laser hair removal.

Here is the rule of thumb for safely using any home appliance, home equipment, or home electronics. Keep the device, and the cord if there is one, 6 inches or more away from the pacemaker.

That's it.

I'm not suggesting that you should, but I have ignored that rule many times and have never suffered any ill effects either to me or my pacemaker.

Good luck with your home project.

I'd be wary

by Tracey_E - 2020-04-04 11:02:55

Years ago, I looked into laser hair removal and was told not with a pacemaker by my cardiologist, dermatologist and a salon. More recently I asked again. The salon was hesitant but the dermatologists office looked into it for me (called their equipment manufacturer) and said it was ok. Personally, I would only consider it at the dermatologist because I don't know that all equipment is safe for us.

I will add that I'm usually the first to try something questionable and I don't let having a pacer keep me from living my life how I want to. In 25 years of being paced, I've done all sorts of things others may be hesitant to try and never had a problem. This was an exception, I decided no. Only thing holding me back now is money, dermatologist is definitely not the inexpensive way to do it. 

List of products that are safe for PMs.

by Selwyn - 2020-04-04 13:14:39

Anything else, I would ask the manufacturer of your PM.


Hair removal

by Eliza Olson - 2020-05-03 12:34:12

Has anyone used electrolysis for hair removal?

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