Tattoo Infection Question...

Hello everyone!! I am 22 and just had my pacemaker put in last September. Yesterday I went for my first tattoo. I usually have to take amoxicilling( or penacilion?) before every dentist visit. Not thinking, I didn't take any medication before getting my tattoo. When I told my mom I had gotten a tattoo she went balistic!! By this time, it was 6 hours since I had gotten it. She insisted that I call my cardiologist and see if everything would be alright. When I spoke to a doctor at the hospital, i told him to the story and he insisted that i take the medication immediately. Then two before bed and two in the morning. He also told me to call my doctor the next day. I was just wondering if anyone has every gotten any sort of infection? What i need to look for? PLEASE HELP!!!


Tattoo Infection Question

by SMITTY - 2007-04-23 12:04:38

Hi Dandelle,

I have never had a tattoo, but I understand infections from needles that have not been properly sanitized are not unheard of. So take the medicine and don’t wait from proof that you should have. I’m not saying that by not seeing the doctor and taking your medicine you are at risk of getting an infection that affects your pacemaker, but on the other hand anything is possible, so why gamble.

Take my word for it, you don’t want an infection. I’m just about over one that had been going for almost a month before seeing my doctor. By then it had spread to places I don’t even like to think about. But in addition to feeling bad most of the time, I learned the hard way I was actually gambling with my life.

So take care of yourself and make your mother feel better and take your medicine.

Good luck,


Tattoo Question

by Navybill - 2007-04-30 11:04:58

Before having the tattoo, you should have done two things: (1) review the device manufacturer site to determine if there were restrictions...tattooing over the device is the only restriction posted on the Guidant site and (2) research the artist well to assure yourself that the shop and artist are taking adequate precautions against infection.

I am not certain why your cardiologist requires you to take an antibiotic prior to visiting the dentist; checkups and cleanings do not require extra precautions, although it would probably be a good idea to take antibiotics before any oral surgery.

Enjoy the tattoo.


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