ejection fraction fell to 40 post placement 2 lead pacer.

My EP suggested a bivnetricular pacemaker after a drop of my ejection fraction to 40 post two year placement of my original L311 Boston Scientific device.  There is no infarction or damage and the original two lead placement was for a a type II block, bradycardia. Has anyone gotton a boost feeling better when a triple lead pacemaker has been installed.


CRT Pacemaker

by AgentX86 - 2020-03-23 21:30:58

I was never without the third lead (I actually don't have the first lead), I can only tell you what it's supposed to do.  The "third" lead goes in the left ventricle (actually a vein behind it) and the second is in the right ventricle.  The idea is to get the timing between them correct.  Think of a water baloon when you squeeze one side - the othe bulges out.  This is what happens when you're pacing RV, during the time between the RV contraction and it takes for the signal to get to the LV.  The result is that the left ventricle gets larger (cardiomyopathy). 

To correct this a CRT (cardiac rehabilitation therapy) pacemaker is used to synchronize the two ventricles.  Something loke 20% of those paced RV only have this problem.  Of those something llike 2/3s (I can't remember the precise numbers) of the patients that go on to CRT PMs recover LV capability (LV goes up).  Your doctors are doing the right thing.  Good luck with your new toy.  ;-)

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