I am updateing this post in hopes that I get some feedback on thisx subject.  Regarding this situation, I was recently advised of an incident where one wire lead had come detached and was causing similar sensation as what I have been feeling, yet since the problem was not inside of the pacer, there was absolutely no indication on the pacer reading to reveal the problem.  Of course that leaves medical caregivers to beleive there is no problem when in reality there is.

Has anyone out there had such a problem and what were the symptoms you had as a result?



I have a St Jude pacer since 2015.  I began feeling a strange electrical vibration deep down in my chest under my left breast.  For the first twenty-four, it was exactly ten seconds between these two second burst of vibration.  Spent hours in the ER but the read of my pacer showed nothing out of order.   Went to my pacer check person the next day and that revealed nothing out of the ordinary. It stopped last night while sleeping but mid day today started up again.  It is so rithmatic that it would have to be mechanical or electrical, but both places suggested that it may be a muscle spasm.  It is annoying and concerning in case it is something heart/pacer related.  Has anyone else had such an experience?  I am on the third day of this issue.


Mine was different

by Benjijohn - 2020-03-18 05:52:46

I had a similiar experience with my first st judes crt d. It started vibrating much like a cellphone in snooze mode in your pocket. It did it twice almost every 12 hours

Went to doctor. He told me that this was a sign that there was something wrong with my crt d. It turns out that my battery life was almost over

as you have been to your EP, and s/he told that everything was okey, your situation must be different

Just wanted to let you know

Keep in mind that the vibrations that I felt was nothing like a muscle spasm. It was coming from  my crt d, and it was just like cell phone in silent mode in your pocket. And it was periodic, like every 12 hours

wish you the best

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