Problems in the cold

I am a first time poster and I very pleased to find such a helpful site. I have had a dual unit medtronic defibrillator since September 2002. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with others, particularly those new to the procedure. For now I need to find out if others are having the same problems as I am.

My experience with the defibrillator has genearlly been very positive after I got over some very long and painful left arm and chest pain issues post surgery (6 months). Since that time I only get pain in the chest when I am in damp cold conditions. this pain can be almost instantly debilitating. My entire upper chest starts to shake and shiver, almost hypothermic type of reaction. If I am unable to get to a warmer area it then causes full body shaking and shortness of breath. I am very certain that it is not device related and more likely itis related to having a large metal object placed in a muscle pocket in my chest.

Have any others ever experienced this type of issue?? I know I should move south and that would solve the issue but it is not posible yet.




by Christmmpace - 2007-04-22 03:04:15


Hello and welcome to this awesome club. I'm James and I've had my PM for a little over six years now. I've just got over pain in my left arm but mines was a DVT. My whole arm turned reddish blue.
I recently had aches and pains in my left arm and shoulders (chest area), but with a little Advil it's slowly going away. The doctor told me it was inflammation. It's tough at times, but life has to move forward with positive thinking. I hope we can help you cope with this new life saving device. Take care and God bless you. Once again welcome!


problems in the cold

by tachybrady - 2007-04-22 12:04:39

I am not sure if my upper torso can warm up anymore! I wear more layers now. One thing is, I must wear loose underarm everything. I also had/have pain and discomfort in my shoulder, chest, suture site, even down to my elbow. I am unable to lay on that side yet, but am closer. There is still pain, just not every day, and it is better. (9 months) We shall both hang in there! Mine is also a Medtronic, inserted in the muscle above the breast on the left. I do not have a defibrillater though. How rough is the shaking? I guess the shortness of breath could be from the cold, and the shaking. I am not a doctor, so I really do not know. I just wish you the best. It would be nice if you could find a doctor to listen with an open mind!

I hate the cold!

by ela-girl - 2007-04-22 12:04:50

Ok, now I can't complain too much. I live in sunny, warm Arizona. However, contrary to popular belief, we do get some chilling temperatures during the winter months in the morning and at night. And during these times, my pacer area does bother me. I am from Michigan, and I hate visiting my family in the winter months because of the cold and how it makes my pacer area feel. My pm is fitted under the muscle and into the breast tissue. I think doctors do think we are a bit crazy, but I don't think we are! I mean, we do have a hunk of metal in our chest!

I'm not sure where you are living right now, but the southwest is beautiful!

Hoefully you won't have to pace in the cold forever,

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