Dental Root Canal Work

Two days ago my Dentist wanted to start Root Canal work on one of my teeth.
However, he postponed it because of a piece of dental equipment that almost all dentist now use for root canal work, and he was unsure if this equipment would be a problem with my St Jude Pacemaker.
The equipment in question is known a a "MORITA APICAL LOCATER"
This above-mentioned dental equipment, replaces the old system of the dentist having to use a small hand file to clean out the tooth canal before restoring the tooth.
Anyone else that is preparing to go through this same procedure will be relieved to know, (and advise their dentist of same) that THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH A COMPETENT DENTIST USING A "MORITA APICAL LOCATER" ON PATIENTS WITH A PACEMAKER.
I obtained the above information by telephone from TWO SOURCES , both from St. Jude Technical Assistance and from The McGill University Dental School in Montreal, Quebec


thank you,

by randrews - 2007-04-21 02:04:54

I havent' been to a dentist since my pm. It's good to know this stuff.

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