safe to have surgery with this virus floating around

hi all . am currently scheduled for reverse shoulder surgery on friday March 6th. the hospital am using in fl.  is one of those that had a confirmed one of those virus cases.  Is this a good time for surgery,   Pacemaker seems to be ok.



Mary, I would say

by Gemita - 2020-03-03 23:37:52

Life has to go on.  We cannot stop everything because of what may happen.  We could just as likely get another virus, seasonal influenza or another illness instead of Coronavirus.  You have waited a long time no doubt for your shoulder procedure and have been suffering pain and discomfort.  Do you really want to delay?  

I am certain your hospital would cancel procedures if they felt there was a strong risk of Coronavirus spreading quickly.  Surely it has been contained?  The decision is of course yours but my advice would be to focus on keeping your immune system strong to protect you from illness.  That is the best and all we can do.  Alternatively is it possible to have surgery at another hospital under the same medical team ?  Good luck and I hope it goes well

I Wouldn't Do It

by Swangirl - 2020-03-04 00:41:20

This is elective surgery.  Why not wait until the threat has passed?  Here we all are wearing masks, staying away from people, washing our hands multiple times an hour, and trying our darndest to keep from being infected.  With this virus some get hardly any symptoms and some die of respiratory distress.  It's a crazy time and I would sit tight until I didn't have to ask this question.  

Why wait?

by AgentX86 - 2020-03-04 08:41:21

Unless your health puts you at high risk, why wait? The surgery itself isn't going to raise the possibility of infection. I suppose there is a chance of  effusion that might make things worse but the reason that you need a pacemaker is likely to increase your risk as well. Hospitals have sick patients so your exposure may be increased but that's always the case (I got bronchitis after my CABG surgery- that was fun).

Masks aren't going to keep you even a little bit safer. For a healthy person they're a waste of resources that the sick may need. Apparently the coronavirus will live outside the body for days. If you get it on your hands or clothing, at some point you're going to get it to your mouth or nose. You're  not going to wear the mask 24x7. However, those who are I'll can keep the virus to themselves and not infect healthcare workers. There are only so many masks in the world. It's better that they not be wasted. Frequent washing of hands is a good idea, without the coronavirus and doesn't consume undue resources (I understand that there is a run on hand sanitizer).

The bottom line, though, is that this virus is way overblown and has turned into more of a political issue than health. MERS and SARS, were related and far worse. Mankind survived.

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