Flue after reporgramming

Had Pm (biotronik) checkup and reprogramming today.  I am wired since October 2018 and have had at least 10 (lost count) reprogramming of my Pm since.  Some reasons for this are a lead which placed in an unussual spot (due to too much scar tissue in the atrium), junctional and nodal pacing and feeling of general fatigue.   After my pacemaker repogramming my body seems to have to get used to the new setting.  Last time it was at least taking 3 weeks.  It feels a little like having the flue (fatigue an mussel pain, coldlike) without the headache and throat ache.  my pm technician says it is normal to have getting used to problems.  i am not worried about them, just want to know whether some of your experience any post reprogramming problems? 


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