12 weeks post insertion. Now hit with flu violent cough temperature


i know that leads won't be dislodged but as still getting used to the pm. Presumably the coughing/flu temp won't affect the pm. 

not slept for two days  exhausted hot/cold


any advice? 


The following may help

by Gemita - 2020-03-01 04:41:09

Brains, I am in the UK too.

Firstly I wouldn't be overly concerned about your pacemaker/leads.  My main concern would be to try to lower your temperature quickly and providing it is safe for you to take, Paracetamol should effectively help with this.  I would drink plenty of clear, tepid water to keep well hydrated and to help clear congestion, I would try steam inhalation too to help clear nasal passages.  Get plenty of rest and eat light nutritious foods (like home made soups - nothing too heavy or difficult to digest).  Building a strong immune system is the number one goal to help fight any infection and protect your pacemaker and leads.  I have found supplemental Zinc and non acidic Vit C powder both helpful in building a strong immune system and helping to shorten any viral illness (but do clear any supplements with your chemist or doctor first).  

I would have a word with your general doctor by phone especially now with the concern over Coronavirus.  Anyone with a temperature and a flu like illness should speak to their doctor for advice.

Any acute illness may put an additional strain on your heart, particularly with certain conditions. (Hopefully you have had a flu vaccination. You may also be entitled to get a pneumonia vaccination.  Although an antibiotic is unlikely to help against a virus, your doctor may want to prescribe an anti viral medication to lessen symptoms and help you recover.  Additionally we may develop complications from the flu like a bacterial lung infection or bronchitis and this might need treatment with an antibiotic, which is why it would be helpful to speak with your doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

I wish you well soon.

any word

by ROBO Pop - 2020-03-01 17:04:01

Yeah, call your doctor. Don't follow advice given online by strangers. We don't have malpractice insurance and if our advice kills you, there's no recourse

Coughing and our PM leads

by Onmy6th - 2020-03-02 04:27:55

My leads are epicardial.  That means they are attached to the outside of my heart. These are dicer connections and since 2003, I've had plenty of colds and coughs and exercise. If you had a good team and they do good work, my advice is to take care of your flu and cough as Gemita suggests and "let go" I have only 17 Ventricle heartbeats left.  Without my leads, I am likely to be dead before I hit the floor.  If we worry, we don't live.  Life happens in the milliseconds between the phases of each heartbeat.  Go live it.  By the way, last year's cough created microtears all across my upper chest from sternum to right shoulder.  They still haven't healed but my pacer is pacing 100% of the time. Get Well soon. All my best.

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