Increase BPM and Shortness breath

I was diagnosis with sick sinus bradycardia. On 4 Feb 20 I had a dual chamber pacemaker implanted. about a week later, i am having shortness of breath, heart paipationa of 113-135 bpm and a burning sensation, I have these episode when I am walking or driving, but when i am sitting or not being very activemy bpm is 60. I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Monady, if you are or had been experiencing these same symptome, what questions would you recommend for me to ask my cardiologist.


My thoughts

by Gemita - 2020-02-27 16:03:54

I would want to know the following:-

What is causing my shortness of breath and increased heart rates ?  

Could this be due to my pacemaker settings and are my settings right for me ??  (You must make sure that you let your cardiologist know the lifestyle you want to lead.  For example are you an athelete with high levels of activity or someone who leads a quiet life ??  Both examples will need settings tailored ideally to your specific requirements.

Could this be due to an arrhythmia like Atrial Fibrillation, ectopic beats or some other arrhythmia ?  

Could you please interrogate my pacemaker to look for any events which might be responsible for causing my symptoms or do I need long term external monitoring to find out what is happening ??

Does my pacemaker have any settings that could be adjusted, turned on, or turned off to help control any high heart rates, any rhythm disturbances and my shortness of breath ??   If not, does my pacemaker have any programmes running to help control any arrhythmias/tachycardia, or do I need medication like a beta blocker or calcium channel blocker to help control my heart rate ?


A pacemaker cannot bring down high heart rates, it only prevents heart rates from falling below the minimum rate set for you.  My pacemaker is set at 70 bpm.  You could ask whether a higher minimum setting might be better for you than your present 60 bpm?? 

Those are just a few thoughts in case they help. Remember it is still very early days and all this may be perfectly normal and part of the healing process following your pacemaker implant.  Hopefully your cardiologist will be able to reassure you.   I had an increase in my arrhythmias and high heart rates for several months afterwards, but now my heart is quiet


My thoughts too

by Chiefsub68 - 2020-02-27 17:10:20

If you are having these symptoms, why the heck are you driving and possibly putting other people at risk? You just don't know whether you are going to black out at the wheel. 

Also what anaesthetic did you have for your op? Check with your insurer: you may not be covered to drive yet.

Yes I am cross, but my sons lost a friend at college when a driver blacked out and his car, being driven at just 25mph, mounted the pavement, pinning her to a shopfront. That driver had been warned by police about his erratic driving just the day before. He ignored them because he knew best. A 16-year-old paid for that with her life.


Driving after pacemaker implant

by Gemita - 2020-02-27 18:47:36

Here in the U.K. we are able to drive following pacemaker implant usually after one week providing we have no other condition that would prevent us from driving.  

High heart rates and breathlessness might suggest an arrhythmia is present and this would need to be controlled for at least 4 weeks prior to resumption of driving.

Arrhythmias causing blackouts, fainting and dizziness would be more serious. 

I have posted a link below (for U.K. citizens).

DHurell you don't say where you live but it would be wise to ask your cardiologist or general doctor whether it is safe for you to drive unless you have already done so ??

Tachycardia, sorta

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-28 08:19:10

Since this happens when you walk or are driving,  it sounds suspiciously like you have rate response turned on and its sensitivity set to eleven (out of ten). Bumpy roads can be a lot like exercise to the accelerometer.


Thank You

by Dhurell - 2020-03-05 18:48:17

Thank you all for your comments, and you are absloutely right I should not be driving. I am contacting my cardiologist to schedule an appoinment.


Thank Again,

El Paso, TX 

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