more visible pacemaker

Hi ! 
It seem's to me when I look in the mirror or even if I touch it, that my pacemaker is more visible. I can almost see it through my skin. 
is it normal if I only have it since 7 months. 
i am worried about it. I am not in my country now, I wonder if I have to go back home in Montreal.





Visible pacemaker

by Gemita - 2020-02-25 04:36:33

From your description "I can almost see it through my skin" does cause some concern at least for me.

I can see my pacemaker outline too (a slight bulging) and so can I see my husband's pacemaker which is clearly more pronounced, but I wouldn't say our pacemakers are "almost visible through the skin".  We both had our pacemakers implanted in 2018.  

Chantal, my advice is to go to the nearest hospital wherever you are at the moment and get it checked, especially if you are going to be away from your own clinic in Montreal for some time.  it is always possible for the pacemaker to move slightly and this can be normal but the pacemaker and leads should never protrude through the skin. 

Also please try not to touch it (other than when bathing) or push it around in any way, since if it is becoming dislodged, this will only make things worse.  It is never a good habit to fiddle around with our pacemakers which may cause a dislodgement and lead to pacemaker failure.

Hopefully your pacemaker is still working well and you do not have major symptoms to suggest any sudden displacement of pacemaker unit or  leads ?  If leads or pacemaker unit are clearly visible or protrude this would need urgent attention to avoid serious complications, especially the risk of an infection.  Please take care and go get it looked at is my advice.  Better to be safe than sorry

Visible pacemaker

by Selwyn - 2020-02-25 08:22:34

Occasionally pacemakers may erode through the skin! This is an urgent medical situation needing immediate treatment. You will have a break in the skin. 

If the skin is intact, you are OK.

I can see the leads coming out of my pacemaker and the lead going to the vein under the collar bone. This is because I have hardly any fat under my skin. It is all perfectly normal. If I crouch up witht the shoulder the pacemaker will impinge onto the lower edge of my collar bone.

Fiddling with the pacemaker produces problems ( Twiddler's Syndrome) and should not be done.


for Twiddler's Syndrome.


Now you see it

by Gotrhythm - 2020-02-26 20:23:47

The outline of my pacemaker under the skin is plain to see. It's been that way ever since the swelling went down--which took a good six-eight months. That was eight years ago.

My EP noticed it a few months ago and said as long as the skin and pacemaker move a little (mine do) there is little danger of skin erosion.

Keep you fingers off it.

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